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Better Sleep, Better You with Cosy House Collections

Thanks to Cosy House Collections for sending me these wonderful products for review.
 All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

This summer, with North Carolina's intense heat, has been a struggle for my body and mind to sleep through the night. Even with the AC blasting, I've found myself waking up sweating in the middle of the night, kicking off my duvet, and grabbing the water. I realized that my sheets have been partially to blame so was excited to try these Bamboo Linen Sheets and see if their claim to fame withstands!

Cosy House sent me a wonderful silver set of sheets for my full-sized bed that includes: a fitted bottom sheet with elastic corner straps, a top sheet, and two pillowcases.  While there are many colors available, I was looking for a  base color to match both of my duvet colors so that I can use Cosy House all year long! (Note- duvet cover is not from Cosy House Collections) 

The Linens arrived wrapped in their very own reusable bag that is perfect for gifting to others or yourself! Two Queen Pillows also arrived shrink-wrapped to save space and keep them clean! 

Sleeping in Cosy House Bamboo Linens is splendid! These sheets are SOFT. They are not warm at all and definitely helped regulate my body temperature overnight. My dreamland has stayed restful instead of waking up feeling hot.  I love the feeling of new sheets but love them even more so when they live up to their claim of helping me sleep better! These sheets are definitely made for us to get our ZZZ's..

These Bamboo Linens are made with 60% Bamboo Rayon and 40% Microfiber. These are very lightweight sheets even though they are the "heaviest" that Cosy House offers! 

Cosy House also offers 1800 and 1500 Count Microfiber sets along with its famous Bamboo Linen. A note about thread count! One often assumes that the higher the thread count means a higher linen quality. Unfortunately, this is not always true- it is also about the type of fibers used to make the sheets! With Cosy House measurements, the Microfiber sheets are counted based on the grams per square meter of their micro-polyester instead of thread count. Yet- another warning applies! Just because a sheet is made up of GSM, doesn't mean its the same quality as your luxury hotel sheets. It's all about the type and quality of materials and its weight with Cosy House Microfiber sheets!

Cosy House sheets fit mattresses 16 inches deep and all come with elastic corner bands to keep your sheets in place. There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night to realize that your fitted sheet has curled halfway across your bed causing your duvet and feet to be a big tangled mess. Trust me- I've been there- it isn't fun! 

Cosy House recommends sheets be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle and tumble dry in low or medium heat. Hot Water, Towels/Blankets, and high heat will cause sheets to pill- something that is a nuisance and definitely doesn't look nice! Definitely avoid bleach usage, ironing, and dry cleaning. 

Bamboo Linen can be more expensive than cotton linens because of its high quality and fiber content. Cosy House seeks to eliminate mark-ups by importing only the best at decent prices! Due to difficulties with importing, check back often if your favorite color is out of stock as shipments arrive every two-three weeks! 

Let's talk pillows for a second. How many of you have pillows complete with stains, flat and worn out like I do? Yep, I admit it. I'm horrible at buying new pillows. What's the point, right? They will flatten out almost as soon as received! Well, I have news for you: get yourself a good pillow! It makes all the difference in the world to your neck, upper back, and slumberland! 

These Cosy House Queen Pillows arrived shrink-wrapped with the instructions to open and let sit for about an hour to achieve full size. Or, you can stick them in the dryer to plumb them up quicker. They did not disappoint- look how great they are! 

Cosy House Pillows come full adjustable! A Zippered opening allows for the removal of memory foam fill to achieve your firmness desires and the path towards a restful night sleep. Cosy House pillows are filled with certiPur- US high-density memory foam, and have a removable washable Bamboo case! These pillows not only will help with your breathing but will also resist dust mites, allergens, and germs. The Bamboo Pillows will also help your head feel cool and refreshed and free from sweat! 

I haven't had to play much with my pillows for the perfect balance. I absolutely loved the firmness and didn't wake up with any neck cricks or pains at all! This may change in the future, but for now- I've kept all memory foam intact in my own pillows. If you do remove your memory foam, use a storage container or sealable plastic bag to store your foam in. You will want it to stay dry, fresh, and free of any allergens hiding in our homes! 

Do yourself a favor and go order Cosy House Collections now! You won't be disappointed at the Bamboo Quality and will create your own bedding paradise that will quickly wrap you into slumber at bedtime!

Want it? Buy it!

Offering more than sheets and pillows, you can find Bamboo Towels, Duvet Covers, other bedding, and even washing materials to help your linens stay fresh and well! 

To purchase Cosy House Luxury Bamboo LinensCosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillows, Microfiber Linens, or any other products, check them out on their website!

Need a FAQ answered before buying? Check out this list of frequently asked questions

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  1. Way too guilty of not changing out worn-out pillows. Guess I'm in the market for some new ones lol. I'll be checking out the Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Pillows


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