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America's Answers to Covid-19

While most people look forward to starting a new year, no one really knew what was coming in 2020. Seemingly overnight, the world was taken aback by something called the coronavirus. It was something no one had seen before, yet hundreds of thousands were suffering from it. No one knew what exactly to do, and America watched as the cases started to rise. The leaders of the nation worked quickly and fervently to answer questions and fight against the virus. Here are some of the main responses Americans received.

Quarantine if Sick

One of the first things stated by health and government officials was to quarantine yourself for fourteen days if you tested positive or had been exposed to the virus. This allows plenty of time for your body to heal, as well as prevents the spread. While it could be difficult and somewhat boring, you should stay in your room alone and limit your contact with people, including your family.

Create More Testing

Because it was an unknown and newly discovered virus, Covid-19 hit the entire world hard. No one knew what exactly it was or how to treat it. It required hours of research and study before testing procedures could be put into motion. America was one of the leaders in this field, as doctors, scientists, labs, and manufacturers from all across the country worked together to produce thousands of testing kits.

Follow New Procedures

In order to help stop the spread of the virus and better protect each individual, new protocols and mandates were put into place across the country. Everyone is highly encouraged to wear masks or proper face coverings when going out, and some states are enforcing this practice in all public places. Staying at least six feet apart from others is another precaution that keeps you distanced from any bacteria and germs that could be in the air.

Live in Lockdown

No one started this year thinking that the entire nation would be shut down for several months, and most probably never thought something like that could even happen. However, as the virus progressed and more and more people became infected, America thought it best to close almost everything down in order to stop the spread. Various businesses, restaurants, museums, churches, and other public places were closed for a few months. The country was asked not to go out unless absolutely necessary and to refrain from seeing both family and friends. While this scared some, others were able to put their crisis management skills to good use.

Hope in America 

Whether you are into politics or not, the stand America took against the virus is vitally important. It demonstrated her power and authority to overcome obstacles and fight through them as a country. Although there were opposing ideas for the way things should happen, government and health officials were able to work together to find some solutions and answers. International relations were talked about and taken care of to ensure that the nation would be able to come back from these trying times.
Although it is unprecedented times, there is so much one can do to help stop and slow the spread of this virus. These answers are just a few of the ways America was able to stand up and face the needs of the moment.

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