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Achieve Beautiful Hair With Theorem #MBPHOLIDAY20

Thank you to Theorem with Theda for these products in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

Who else has a love/hate relationship with their hair? Who has spent a lot of money on products that don't seem to do what they advertise? I have very thick, super hard to dry without frizz hair. I've had trouble for years finding products that will help minimize heat damage, keep my hair smooth, not look oily, and even do away with those pesky frizzies. My hair, while it often doesn't need help to achieve thickness, always needs extra TLC to prevent tangling. I was excited to try out the Theorem Method to see if any of my issues can be tamed with these great products. 

Theorem is a Chicago-based family-owned company that produces hair care based on science, theory, and formula. Focused on proper PH levels, proper natural ingredients, and a method that transforms the hair from its root to tip; the Theorem Method is great for those who struggle to find adequate hair care products! The Theorem Method, with Hair Care Specialist, Theda Blackwood, has changed my outlook on hair and I'm sure it will change yours as well. The three-part method aims at providing the consumer with quality products to thicken, strengthen, and prevent hair from heat damage.

First, Theda and I discussed my hair and it's issues. Using her recommendations, I started to use the three products regularly. 

1) Density: A conditioning treatment that I use after normal hair washing. It can be used as a regular conditioner, but we decided to try mine as a leave-in conditioner. This has made so much difference in the quality of my hair! Theda did tell me that it works better when activated with heat, but I often mix-up heat between air drying while still home most mornings. 

2) Square Root: a volumizing serum that's for fine or thinning hair. Not truly needing volume or thickness help, I was encouraged to try this serum to see what it can do.  It has definitely helped create better shape when I do dry my hair and leave it down (which, to be honest, isn't often in summer days). This product's bottle includes a nozzle sprayer used to apply the product directly into the hair's roots. Use a brush or your hands to massage it in well! While Square Root is a volumizing serum, it also helps restore your hair's root so that proper hair growth can take place. Naturally, my hair has a tendency to grow fast, but I hope the Square Root helps it grow healthy- creating hair that will extend all the way down to the ends!

3) Sugar Pi: a repair oil specifically for dry, frizzy, and split end hairs. This is honestly my favorite out of all three! It's made from plant sugars and injects Vitamin C into each hair strand. Sugar Pi comes in a spray-pump bottle, which makes it super easy to apply to the hair shaft and ends. It's okay to use on damp hair before drying. It does say to allow 30 mins for the oil to soak in and soften. I've found that with both air dry and heat dry, this stuff is marvelous! Theda also instructed me to use it to tame the fly-aways after my styling is finished. My hair has definitely been softer for longer, despite our extreme temps and humidity. After a proper blow-out earlier this week, my hair held its shape longer than normal and didn't seem to get on my nerves as much!

My hair after one week with the Theorem Method!

While using the Theorem Method, as it's heat activated,  I did blow-dry my hair rather than let air-dry, but I have to admit- I didn't spend the normal amount of time I typically do to get my hair to lay just "right". I was still pleasantly surprised at how my hair embraces these products! The three-part- series has definitely transformed the way my hair dries (little frizz.. let's be honest, I live in the south, there is always going to be humidity!) and it seems to embrace it's own waviness better.

As summer wraps up and the coolness sets in, I'll go back to drying my hair before leaving home or before Zoom calls. I am extremely thankful for the Theorem Method because I know it will help this process go much easier! I know I'll be less frustrated with dry tangled hair because of the density leave-in conditioner. I know that my blow-out won't fall flat right away because of Square Root! And finally- all those pesky frizzies that make my head look so horrible will be diminished with the Sugar Pi. I love the softness and look rather than frizz and tangles!

After two + weeks of using the Theorem Method, I see such a change!

If you struggle to find good hair care products that are created and tailored to grow and repair your hair, the Theorem Method is for you! If you need or want to grow thicker, longer hair in safe and natural ways, these products will help your roots, follicles, strands, and ends! I definitely recommend that you check out the Theorem method for your hair's health and styling needs. I am thankful for Theda's willingness to walk alongside of me as I engaged in the Theorem Method. It certainly made a difference to have a consultant that wants me to love my hair for what the product can do for and to it! 

The theorem Method will officially launch on October 01st, which is National Hair Care Day. Do you want beautiful healthy hair? If so, reach out to Theda Blackwood for this wonderful three-part hair care system called the Theorem Method.

Want it? Get it!

Contact Theda Blackwood through her Theorem Website to learn more and/or purchase the Theorem Method. Theda will be glad to answer questions, check-in with you, and help you through-out the process!  

Check out Theorem With Theda on Facebook and Instagram too! 

The Theorem Method is available as a complete three-part product set or individually, depending upon your hair care needs. 

What types of haircare products do you use?

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