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Achieve The Balance Your Body Needs With The Rex Apothecary #MBPHoliday20

Thanks to The Rex Apothecary for sending product for me to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Discovering how to look and feel your best begins by looking within,

Lately, I've been seeking balance. I've had some difficult and maybe even somewhat emotionally draining events occur in the last year and as a result, I sometimes find myself feeling lost and worn. Maybe you can relate to these feelings and are also on a path of finding healing from within. 

Having a degree in psychology helps me to understand the way the mind works but the older I get the more I realize the mind is but part of the equation. If my body is not balanced on a cellular level and if the nutrition I am intaking is not beneficial, all of the mind work in the world will not, well, work. 

This journey of healing and balance began many years ago for me. When I had my first baby almost 10 years ago, I began to research organic food and natural products for my family. While I do not consider us fully organic or fully chemical-free, I truly do try my best to make conscious decisions about these things in my daily life. 

As I stated, over the course of the last year when dealing with some difficult events, I've noticed my body becoming physically unbalanced when my emotions are under attack. When this begins to happen, I am now able to recognize it very quickly and begin to combat the signs and symptoms. While this is all good and well, I realize I need to make wellness more of a routine so as to not find myself in a situation where I'm fixing. How much easier life would be to just maintain balance, rather than continuously work to create it!

One of the ways I'm able to keep harmful chemicals out of my body and help achieve wellness is by using organic products, every single day. The Rex Apothecary is a company that I'm really loving as of late. They offer deodorant, shampoo bars, pomade and much more. Their focus is on balance and wellness by offering products that help you achieve just that. 

My super sweet friend Jovie, from The Rex Apothecary was kind enough to send over some amazing products for me and I've been thoroughly enjoying them. I would definitely recommend that you get a shampoo bar and a Pitty Party Deodorant for every single person on your holiday shopping list. They are ever so slightly scented in only the most natural ways so those with sensitivities should not be offended one bit. 

The photo above is the Spirit Bath which is only $6.50. Read about this amazing product:

"Spirit Ritual Baths are a fully immersive way to channel the elements of the season. Just pour the contents into the reusable muslin pouch that's included and toss in the bath for a peaceful, healing retreat.

Each bath is made with ethically sourced ingredients, the vast majority of which are harvested here on our property in Oregon's Willamette Valley. All others are organic and/or wildcrafted." - The Rex Apothecary

For the millions who struggle with anxiety, this bath would be a beautiful experience to center, balance and cleanse. 

While many people's lives are being uprooted by the fires on the west coast, it is my hope that you'll share in my love for The Rex Apothecary and help to support west coast local businesses. 

I've especially been enjoying the rich lather from the shampoo bar and notice my hair feels stronger and has a beautiful shine! During the times in our lives when there is much negativity to combat, I urge you to start where are you. You cannot change the entire world tomorrow, but you can start within yourself. You can become a healthier, balanced you and in turn, spread that energy and love to every single person you come in contact with. I appreciate The Rex Apothecary mission to bring wellness to people and I share in that desire to spread kindness and love with you. 

Want It? Get It!

You can find beautiful, natural gifts for everyone on your gift list this year at The Rex Apothecary and all the while you'll be supporting a local, west coast business! Make sure to follow along their journey on Facebook and Instagram

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