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5 Ideas to Help You Fit Faux Fur in Your Wardrobe

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The faux fur trend is now on the winning side of the debate on the better form of fur. It is as comfortable, soft, and stylish as the real fur. One great advantage of the faux fur is those who do not want too much of it. It is now easy to incorporate it with other accessories in your wardrobe. Wear it in a way that suits your style. Either it is as a color block, prints, or as a bold color, among other styles and looks. In this article are 5 ideas to help you fit faux fur in your wardrobe for a more fierce and beautiful look.

  1. Furry coat 

The Lily Lulu Fashion furry coat is a great addition to add fur to your wardrobe. If a full faux fur coat is not ideal. Furry shoulders are a good option that you can pair with a slim coat. It comes in handy to ensure you do not have cold shoulders since the fur is accented on the shoulders. The look you create with this is cozy and super chic. To style it, you can also opt for the animal print furry coat that you can pair with a simple dress for an overall neat look when you pair it with heels. Buy one or two of these to have a bit of faux fur in your wardrobe. 

  1. The faux fur sleeves
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Another idea to fix faux fur in your wardrobe is to have some furry sleeves. These are statement sleeves that you can wear to add something unique to your winter ensemble. Choose one that suits you as designers are making better designs of the same in plain colors, animal prints, and others. To adorn this trend, choose blends in the inner top and trousers as well. Where possible, match the shoes with the sleeve print or color and step out looking fierce. 

  1. The furry shoes

These shoes bring out your diva look. Add this to your wardrobe not only for the fur but to add some fashion flair to your shoes. Plus, they are a perfect street style look that will make you stand out. Thus, do not shy away from this look. Embrace it like the millennials as it makes your outfit look pricey and sophisticated. To bring out the blend while donning these shoes, match with jeans or a denim skirt and a winter jacket that is in matching colors. 

  1. Faux fur purse 
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To stand out in your style, you can add a fun texture by adding a faux fur purse to the usual outfits that you wear. In the fashion market, there are many designs of the same as it is couture approved accessory. So, choose a handbag or a simple purse. It is a unique way to add faux fur to your wardrobe, and it has a cheeky look that you can enjoy. Also, you can choose one that is a mix of fabric, for instance, a clutch strap made of snake print and the body made of faux leather or vice versa. 

  1. Bold color faux fur coat

 Although everyone prefers a black faux fur coat to play safe as a beginner in owning faux fur. Try two pieces that you can wear alternatively, a black faux fur coat and a bold color coat. The black one comes in handy as it matches with every outfit in your wardrobe, the red faux fur coat is a fierce color coat that impacts your fashion sense. The red one is not only a splendid choice but a head-turner. Additionally, you can invest in a long coat that will help cover your outfits, and it is a great choice to use as a layering piece. 

To sum up, with the above ideas, there are various ways that you can fit faux leather in your wardrobe. This works whether you want it all over you or you prefer to go minimal. Every style is unique, and there is something for everyone. Choose what complements your style as others may want bold to patterned and others full-length faux fur coat to sleeveless. 

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