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What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

Has a plumbing issue ever made you worry? From an overflowing toilet to water spraying out
from a broken faucet, plumbing issues can certainly be surprising and troublesome. Plumbing
typically has two aspects that seemingly can't wait for repairs, leaks, and clogs. They can
happen at any time and certainly happened without warning. Many homeowners will laugh, but it
seems that plumbing problems always occur outside of regular business hours.

For many individuals, they wonder when the right time to call their plumber OKC is? Should they
pay the fees for emergency service, or should they wait till the morning and hope for a same-
day visit from their local plumber? There are issues that both homeowners and plumbers
consider to be an emergency and worth the call right away, versus waiting. Take a look at some
of the scenarios in which you should contact the plumber right away.

Toilet is overflowing
Almost everyone has had that unfortunate moment where the toilet won't flush. You'll try to clean, and the water will just back up into the bowl and inch closer and closer to the toilet seat.
This can be a frightening moment for many and one that we want to resolve quickly. But does
that mean that this qualifies as a plumbing emergency? Yes and no.

First, you'll want to try plunging to resolve the problem on your own. Typically, with a little elbow
grease, most toilets that are clogged can be unclogged with just a little assistance from a
plunger. If however, you find that after 15 minutes of plunging and nothing's happening, it may
be time to call the plumber. Though if you have other bathrooms in your home and they are still
functioning, you may be able to put off calling the plumber until the morning.

All fixtures won't drain/Back Flowing.
Similar to having your toilet not flushing, back flowing is a horrible issue to contend with. This is
a situation that warrants calling the plumber immediately. The potential for hazards like raw
sewage backing up into your home is extremely high, and one most don't want to deal with it.
You should avoid using any water, or flushing the toilets while this problem is present. Failure to
have repairs performed can lead to a slew of issues like water damage and mold that can be
extensive to correct.

Burst plumbing pipe
Another excellent example of when to call your plumber is with a burst plumbing pipe. However,
there may be a loophole to this one. If you know where the water main is, you can stop water
from entering your home by shutting off the water supply. If you don't know where the valve or
how to turn it off, then calling the plumber is going to be your best bet. It's crucial for
homeowners to see where this feature of their plumbing is located. Burst pipes can happen from
freezing pipes, deteriorated lines, and much more.

After you've shut off the water supply, you can then make the determination as to whether you
should call the plumber immediately or the next day. It will somewhat depend on whether or not
you can go without water until the morning. The most important thing is to stop the water from
flooding your home.

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