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Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Will Help In Attracting More Patients

Marketing is a dynamic field that is constantly evolving. Marketing strategies are affected by - 
  • Cultural shifts in society
  • Technological progress
  • Geopolitical realities
And a lot more... 
In order for a marketer to be successful, s/he ought to consider these factors and deliver a service that brings forth optimal results. 
Now, if that wasn't difficult in itself, all of the above challenges get amplified in this marketing niche - healthcare marketing. 
Before we dive in, let's be clear on what healthcare marketing is - 
Healthcare marketing, at its core, is about facilitating relationships among hospitals and physicians as well as between medical centers and patients. 
Quite a mouthful, isn't it? 
Yet healthcare marketing is crucial, and it takes years of experience to master this art. 
If you are one among many who is looking to make a mark in the world of healthcare marketing, we have compiled a list of top 10 healthcare marketing strategies that will help in attracting more patients:

1. Testimonies 

No marketing is better than word of mouth. And what could be better than the testimonies of former patients at your healthcare facility? 

Pro tips:

  • Testimonies should convey emotion as effectively as possible
  • Testimonies can either be written or in the form of video
  • Try to make it as specific as possible to the service offered

2. Social media engagement 

Social media is a powerful tool that healthcare marketers should not hesitate to hop on to as it can have a massive reach.

Pro tips:

  • Create an account on every popular social media site such as - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Maintain consistency while posting
  • Be clear with the purpose of your posts

3. Build trust 

There is nothing more important in healthcare marketing than making your brand trustworthy. This is only possible through long term association with people and consistency in service. 

Pro tips:

  • Make use of technology such as boston ai for healthcare marketing in order to better your overall marketing efforts
  • Document your brand's major service milestones
  • Build trust by consistently improving service levels

4. Use video marketing 

Video marketing is a vital part of digital marketing and is a great way to provide your audience with a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at a healthcare facility. You'll want to Capture Your Moments with a Newcastle Videographer (or find a videographer local to you). As it makes your organization look more open and welcoming, in turn attracting more people.
And what's even more important is that the right amount of editing makes your organization look extremely professional.

Pro tips:

  • Post high-quality videos on multiple social media accounts - especially Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook
  • Ensure that the videos you post do not violate the privacy of any of your existing patients
  • If needed, employ the services of a professional videographer to shoot the best videos

5. The power of instant messaging 

Instant messaging is a brilliant form of communication if used in the right way. The functionality it offers is immense and can be a great boon for healthcare service providers, besides being an amazing marketing tool. 

Pro tips:

  • With the help of IM, doctors can provide critical updates to their patients at the right time
  • Group messaging is great for communicating verified news that may be needed to a certain category of people
  • Instant messaging can be used for marketing - provided that it is used wisely and responsibly

6. A captivating logo 

A logo must capture the essence of the brand, which is important even in healthcare. 
A logo must convey a sense of trust, openness, and hospitality, which certainly isn't easy to do. 

Pro tips:

  • Professional logo designers work with brands to create a logo that best serves the organization's needs
  • The logo must be "bright and light"
  • Ensure that the logo is such that it is unique that, in turn, makes it instantly recognizable

7. Use SEO 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is a part of search engine marketing, is a great way to reach an audience that is already looking for related information. 

Pro tips:

  • Remember that the goal of your SEO is to rank right on search engines, so more searchers land on your site
  • With more and more people searching symptoms and seeking diagnosis online, you have the opportunity to reach out to a large audience
  • Feel free to outsource SEO to a trusted third party for optimal results

8. Viral marketing 

Viral marketing is all about making content that was originally shared by you to go viral with the help of others.
It has been consistently proven to be highly effective, and there is no reason why healthcare marketing shouldn't make full use of it. 

Pro tips:

  • Make sure of an eye-grabbing hashtag and keep it consistent across social media
  • Building effective campaigns are a great way to go viral
  • A challenge that is well-received can do wonders for your organization once it goes sufficiently viral

9. Blogging 

Let's face it here, healthcare is a vast, complex, and sensitive field and so it is not possible to get into the details of every little thing which matters in a simple social media post. 
That's when blogging comes to the rescue. 

Pro tips:

  • A good blog will always stick to the point and will be clear to understand
  • Make use of the right fonts and stay grammatically correct
  • Do not make your blogs too long, use too many jargons, or esoteric concepts as that may push people away

10. Make it fun 

Healthcare as an industry has a reputation of being too grim, and it's about time you change that by involving some fun. 

Pro tips:

  • A flash mob involving all healthcare professionals is sure to go viral
  • Involve a touch of humor in your social media posts but don't overdo it
  • Use bright, lively colors at your facility, so it builds optimism and draws more people

In conclusion

Healthcare marketing is a difficult skill to master. However, thanks to the internet, you can learn anything under the sun - right from marketing analytics to how to make a video on mac.
The above-mentioned points are sure to help you with your marketing goals. 
All you need to do is get yourself out there, give it your best, and watch as you soar the sky with ease! 

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