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The Auntie Title

My sisters and I have always been close. My parents told us that when we grow up, one day all we would have is each other, and being the sensitive one I took this to heart.  Fast forward a few years and my sisters have kids of their own and I have the title of Auntie.  I love being an auntie.

I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews and I love them as an extension of my sisters but also for the personality they each have.  I have a close bond with my sisters but their children are bonded to me the same way. Vanessa used to tell me she loved E as if he were her own but I never understood it.  Now that I have nieces and nephews of my own I feel the same way.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for these kids.

My D and R- I spend so much time with them.  In fact, when D was born, I moved to our current home so I could be near her.  D is the person who made me an Auntie.  We have a special bond because she is not only the coolest niece in the world, she is a copy of the person I admire the most, my sister, Vanessa. 
Holding conversations with D is so entertaining.  She is so quiet but she has so much to say.  She speaks eloquently and so brilliantly that I have a hard time believing she is not even a teenager yet.       
R is a mini-me.  Her demeanor is almost a mirrored image of how I was when I was her age.  R has this outspoken and hilarious attitude.  She loves to make people smile and laugh.  Her heart is so pure and she always sees the good in others.  She will be the person that gives you her last bit of money or the shirt off her back when she is older... heck she would probably do it now. 

  These girls are my everything and I make sure to show them how important to me they are.  If I don't see them every day, I surely talk to them every day.

Now my nephews, TR (older nephew) & TL (younger nephew) are my rough and tough boys.  They love video games, playing in the dirt, and such helpers to me when they visit.  They both offer to help with chores, because they used to be E's chores.  My sister has to force them to do chores at her house, but here they always offer.  Sorry, Mariah.

These boys have pure hearts and sometimes the things they say to make your heart melt cause an explosion of tears. The last family day we had together was TR's birthday party, which fell on the day before E left.  We weren't going to miss his birthday party, but I was sad a bit.  He walked over to me and gave me a hug and asked me if I was ok.  I said that I was.  He looked at me and said, "No Auntie, you aren't alright.  I know you are sad because E is leaving, but I'll be here to hug you when E can't."  Mind you he is 11.  

TL is my snuggle baby.  He is 6 and loves to make me laugh.  Every time he comes over he asks to take out the garbage.  He said he likes feeling like a big boy and that he knows it was E's chore.  No matter when I see him he says he is giving me two hugs.  One is from E and one is from him.  This way I can't be sad.  

For them to understand so much of what my heart is missing at such a young age is beyond me.  Yet again, they love E as much as I do.  He is the oldest cousin and they all look up to him.

I have watched these kids grow into some of the sweetest kids I have ever met.  I cannot wait to see what they accomplish in life, but I am very much okay with them staying little for as long as possible.  I keep telling my sisters not to blink. 

This year has been tough on me with E going away to boot camp and me experiencing empty nest way earlier than I thought I would.  My nieces and nephews have saved the day so many times.  Their caring hearts have helped me to cope with E being gone.  They call me just to check on me and visit often so I am not alone.  They tell amazing stories, make me laugh, and give the best hugs.

Auntie loves you all so much.
All of you make my world complete.

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