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Simple & Stylish Infection Prevention from Simple Satch + #Giveaway #MBPHGG20

Thanks to Simple Satch for providing product to help facilitate this post. All thoughts are my own.

Call it what you want to call it, the days of COVID are here. and like it or not, they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I have always been a bit of a germaphobe. My mom instilled a very clean living mentality in me and my sister when we were fairly young. We always took care to wash hands, wipe down public surfaces, and 'don't touch that,' seemed to be spouted off at every turn. 

Now that I'm a mom, I am so thankful to have had a mom who was so germ-conscious. In this pandemic world we're living in, one can't be too careful, and my mom's caution has taught me how to be cautious when it comes to my own family's health and safety.

While we have been going out to places like grocery stores, and a few local shops or trusted restaurants, we're also spending the majority of our time at home. We haven't been back to church, where larger groups are trying to resume gathering, and sending the kids back to school for in person learning has been a huge leap of faith for me and my husband.

Having the proper PPE items at home has been helpful in ensuring our health and safety. Masks, hand sanitizers, and the like are much-needed items, and thankfully, are becoming more readily available in the wake of the COVID aftermath. We're still being cautious, though, as are many people- and not everyone is as trusting as we are in wanting to leave their homes. There some people who are much more at risk than we are for contracting this horrible virus, and don't want to risk shopping for supplies in stores.

Simple Satch Starter Kit, $50.00

Thankfully, Simple Stach offers a super simple way for folks to receive the personal protection and care items needed to stay safe, and customers don't have to leave home to get them. Simple Satch's mission is to create safe, hands-free hygiene products that positively impact people, all while giving back to those in need. 

With a Simple Satch Starter Kit, you'll have everything you need to protect yourself if you need to go out, and it's all delivered right to your door. The kit includes four essential products- a belt bag, a cute mask with filter pocket and filter, as well as hand sanitizer, and sanitizing wipes.

Everything fits into the belt bag for easy storage & to help you have your PPE within reach whenever you need it.

I love the belt bag! It's so cute, simple, and stylish. If you're thinking 'fanny pack,' you're on the right track, but these are sleek and modern in their design. They have adjustable belts for a comfy fit around your waist. They also include large zippered pockets for storing your items, as well as smaller interior pockets.

I used the belt bag on a recent weekend away with the family. I wanted an easy to reach place to keep everyone's masks, the hand sanitizer, wipes, and tissues. The belt bag worked perfectly for this!

The included sanitizer and wipes are awesome! I love having them on hand for easy wiping down of tables or shopping carts, and everyone in the family needs and uses the hand sanitizer, which leaves us feeling clean and protected.

The cute gray leopard mask included with my Simple Satch kit is absolutely adorable and really comfy to wear.

The kit also includes a super cute mask. The kit I received came with an adorable gray leopard print mask with adjustable ear loops. I love being able to adjust the loops- it makes for a much more comfortable fit. The mask is made with a light, durable fabric, and has an easy to insert filter. I love the added protection the filter offers, and this mask is much more comfortable to wear than some of the others I have tried.


This sleek belt bag is designed to stash your personal items and proper hygienic essentials. Simple Satch’s patent-pending design features a rubber port where sanitation wipes can be pulled making wiping and swiping a breeze. Functional, stylish, and convenient - we hope The Starter Kit by Simple Satch helps you conquer life in the new normal and beyond with confidence. The four-in-one sporty bag comes with:

(1) Adult non-medical face mask
(1) PM2.5 filter
(1) Pack of 15 antibacterial wipes
(1) Two-ounce hand sanitizer

This portable kit is the perfect item to help protect you while running errands, working out, going to the park with kids and more!

The kit has been so helpful to me to have as I am running errands. I love being able to quickly grab this, with everything I need inside. It keeps me from having to worry about shoving masks and sanitizers into tiny purses or losing them in my larger totes.

Along with the Starter Kit, Simple Satch has the included items available to purchase individually, and other accessories, as well. There are several different mask designs to choose from, too!

Want one? Get one!

Simple Satch products are fabulous, and would make amazing gifts this holiday season. The Starter Kit would be a particularly awesome gift for teachers, college students, at risk individuals, healthcare workers, essential workers, or anyone else who might enjoy having a sleek and stylish kit like this one!

You can purchase a kit or any of the Simple Satch products over at Simple Satch.
During the month of October, you can shop their Breast Cancer Awareness line of products to make a difference!

Connect with Simple Satch on Facebook and Instagram.

Be sure to look for Simple Satch in Mommy's Block Party's 2020 Holiday Gift Guide.

Want it? Win it!

One lucky ducky MBP reader will win their own Starter Kit from Simple Satch!
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Giveaway is open to US residents, 18+.

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Special thanks to Simple Satch for allowing me to experience their wonderful products and for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway for our readers.

Good luck and stay safe!


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