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National Spoil Your Dog Day – August 10, 2020

Many of us spoil our dogs on a regular day, but this holiday is about stepping things up a notch. The holiday is about making this day all about your DOG! Are you ready- we have a few ideas for you to spoil your dog. 



What dog doesn't love TREATS! Mine had eaten a whole bag when I was not looking. However, too many treats can be a bad thing! But today, break those rules and give more!  Or what about a special gift? 

You can buy treats from supermarkets, pet stores, or websites like PetCareRx. But we recommend that you make your own on special days like this. The other day we made our doggie (Harley) pupsicles- frozen pumpkin and peanut butter. It was super easy and fun- all you need to do is search on Pinterest for DIY DOGGIE TREATS, and your world of dog treats will open up! Make sure it is a food they have had before, or you will need to contact your veterinarian to make sure it is ok- because not all human food is good for dogs! 


Most of us walk our dogs daily, but today let's take them somewhere special like the beach or your favorite hiking area. So why not TODAY a "spoil your dog" walk! Our Harley loves when we head to the beach, we only go once a week. We also need fresh air, and walking by the beach is good for you too! So don't do the walk around the block today, head somewhere special. 


What dog doesn't love a good belly rub?  Spend extra time today, petting, cuddling, scratching, hugging on your doggie.  My Harley is a big cuddler; even though he almost weighs 100 lbs, he will try to lay on my lap.  I enjoy these moments just as much as he does.  He cuddles all the time with that pillow. 

Loving on your doggie:

  • Put in a good movie and snuggle with your dog on the couch. 
  • Read a book while they are on your lap or rubbing your feet on the tummy! 
  • Better yet.. take a nap when it is naptime. 
Show your doggies some extra love and cuddle time. It will make them feel so good (and you too). 


My Harley loves balls, so he will be gifted a new one today.  As you can see by his picture, he LOVES his toys so much they sleep with him.  He is a chewer, and we have bought several different kinds of toys over the years. Make sure you get one they will like and not to chew up.  Just have fun with your dog, the best time of the day. Maybe go to your nearest pet store, and I'm pretty sure you can find something they will love. 


If the world was not in a weird space right now, we all could have brought our doggie to the dog spa, but in some places, they are not open.  We have to bath and pamper Harley at home.  Now he isn't the biggest fan of baths, but he sure loves the clean feeling he gets afterward.  He usually takes a long nap after a bath. I heat up the towel for him too (not too hot- just warm) and if that isn't spoiling your dog! 

Brush them, and if their nails need some love- try it if you can.  We have to wait for Harley's next vet appointment because he is the biggest baby when it comes to his nails being cut. 

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Please let us know how you plan to SPOIL YOUR DOG! 

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