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My First Job Was My Dream Job!

I was fortunate enough growing up that I really didn't need to have a taxable job until I was in college. Up until then, I did a ton of babysitting, as most teenagers do, and I also cleaned houses and continued to do both until I moved to Kansas when I was 21 to get married. However; I needed to have a job that would be willing to work around my school schedule, which was not easy to find. See, I lived in a small town in North Carolina and there were not many college-friendly jobs in the area. 

One day while having a chat with the owner of a local coffee shop, she mentioned to me that they were hiring and that I should apply. I filled out an application on the spot and she asked me when I could start! And just like that I had my first "official" job! I was thrilled, since I love coffee, and went to that shop almost every day, I couldn't have been more excited to work there. I was trained quickly and set off to work a few shifts with the morning crew. There were only three of us that worked in the shop, so we became close friends, fast! 

This is a terrible photo, but I love it because it is the only one I have from my time working at the coffee shop. It brings back so many great memories! 

After a few weeks, I began to open and close the shop and would evenutally go on to be the main closer. I worked alone, and I really liked that. I had freedom to do things at my own pace, but my customers always came first. I took pride in what I made for my customers, did my best to learn all I could about coffee and tried my hardest to improve my skills and techniques. I really loved what I did, and I loved being able to interact with my customers and having repeat customers! It was and to this day, still is the best job I've ever had. 

Making coffee, esspresso, tea and every other hot drink you can imagine was so much fun. I loved being able to create new recipes to share with everyone. I think of that job fondly, and even though the coffee shop has taken on new owner, a new name and a new look, it will always be Spenzanelli's to me. My dream is to one day retire,and move to a coastal community where I can open up my own coffee shop and renew that feeling I had almost 15 years ago! 

I'd love to know what you're first job was? Did you love it, or is it something that you've tried to forget? 


  1. That is very cool. I wanted to be an archaeologist or a park ranger in the mountains of TN. Neither were achievable. I ended up working in factories for years.

  2. My first job was a cook at the student center at my college. It was an okay job to help pay my bills while I was in school.


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