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Men and Women Scrap Razors, Creams and Waxing for Laser Hair Removal

Men and women are saving the hundreds and hundreds of pounds they are spending on razors, waxing and hair removal cream to opt for laser hair removal. This treatment can be used on the arms, under arms, legs, bikini line, back, stomach and face. 

Laser hair removal, which has actually been around for thirty years, is when pulses of highly concentrated light are sent from the laser machine into the hair follicles. It is the pigment in the hair follicle that absorbs the light, kills the hair follicle and the hair drops out. It can take a few weeks for the hair to actually fall out though, so the results are not instantly noticeable. 

The treatment is hugely popular and the industry is set to be worth $1.5 billion dollars by 2021. Statistics show that the industry grew by 51% from 2000 to 2017. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?
If the hair follicle is destroyed, then the treatment is permanent, but if it is only damaged then the hair will grow back. It is also important to note that all hair grows at different rates, to it is important not to leave long periods between treatments – no more than two to three months. The laser treatment only works on growing hair, so having regular treatments and not leaving it long periods between treatments means that you will target the growing hair each time and achieve better results. 

There will be hair regrowth after treatment as all hairs on different regrowth cycles. That is why it is important to have several sessions and not leave it too long between treatments. Hair that has been successfully targeted will start to fallout in five to 14 days. 

How much does it cost? 
One of the reasons women opt for laser hair removal is because they fed up of spending so much money on short term measures like shaving, waxing and hair removal creams. The short-term investment of $200 to $400 for a laser hair removal session, could save a person thousands of pound in the longer term. Everyone has different hair growth rate, so it is impossible to know exactly how many sessions one person might need. Most people take five to seven sessions, but they will start to see how their bodies react to the treatment once they start.

Where do I go for laser hair removal treatment?
It is really important to find a trained and qualified practitioner as laser hair removal is specialist skills. Using an untrained technician could risk burning or permanent scars on the skin. 

How to prepare for a laser hair removal treatment
It is important to get timing right. You need to keep the hair at a very short length. You need some hair as the laser heats the hair to destroy the follicle, but if the hair is too long, then it can burn your skin. If you have to wax, then allow at least a week of regrowth before a laser appointment and don’t shave less than two days before the treatment. This will also make sure the skin is not irritated before the treatment. 

It is important to limit sun exposure for six weeks before and after laser hair removal treatment. Sun exposure can impact the efficacy of the treatment and it can cause complications after the treatment. 

When you arrive at your appointment, the technician will usually use a numbing cream to help desensitize the skin from the laser pulses. They will adjust the laser equipment to suit your skin tone, the color of your hair, the thickness of the hair and the location that is being treated.

Will it hurt? 
Some people have described the sensation at an elastic band being repeatedly flicked on to the skin. The stomach, arms and skin generally do not particularly hurt as there is not a big build up of hair in these areas. Laser hair removal treatment in the underarm, back and bikini areas can be a little more painful due to the amount of hair in these areas. 

Most people tend to find the area that has been treated will be pink for a couple of days after the treatment and feel a little like it is sunburned. Blisters are rare but can occur on people who have darker complexions. It is recommended that people with darker complexions discuss the type of laser that is best for them and their skin with a dermatologist as some laser machines can be better than others for darker skin. 

It is important for patients to discuss aftercare with their practitioner to limit any post treatment discomfort.


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