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Landscape Newbie: How Did I Do?


Landscaping is not a talent of mine, but I have been wanting to redo some of the landscaping in front of our house since we moved in 7 years ago. Finally starting to complete some projects that have been on my list, I decided to tackle the one that's been on my list the longest. This picture may not look like much, but you'll understand when you see the before. 
We have an overload of bushes all around our property. I have taken on the responsibility of trimming all the bushes when needed. Yard work does not bother me, honestly, because I can listen to music and get a little exercise and sunshine. However, the task of clearing out the bushes by the walkway overwhelmed me just by thinking about it. 

Look at them. 

Eleven roots in total. I was motivated one day last weekend and just did it. 

Step 1: Use a sawzall to cut all bushes

Step 2: Remove all debris (It took 8 wheelbarrow trips back to our wood line)

Step 3: Dig up all 11 root balls 

Step 4: Fill in holes and rake dirt to flatten

Step 5: Put down weed preventer

Step 6: Cover with landscape fabric

Step 7: Mulch and enjoy

The other bushes need to be trimmed around the house, but I feel so accomplished and proud of my hard work. 

I am planning to mulch today and am looking for a bench or a glider to put under the tree. Do you have a favorite that can stand changing of the seasons? 

The white plant holder also needs to be painted. I'm thinking of a navy blue. What do you think? 

What is something new you've tried during quarantine? 

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