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How To Pick A Double Glazing Company In Glasgow

You’ve done the math and have finally opened your eyes and ears to the truth that double-glazed windows are the more efficient, and are a long-term budget-saving choice compared to its single-glazed opposite.
Now, it’s time to do your research about how you can find the perfect 50% double glazing in Glasgow. Here’s a guideline on how you can do so the right way. 

Tips In Choosing A Glasgow Double Glazing Company 

1. Name And Reputation 

We don’t necessarily mean that you have to stick with a national chain that has a brand name which stands out almost immediately, and has satellite shops just as much as there are cafes in every street corner. 

We’re talking about the reputation of a company. What have you heard (or read online) about them? An excellent track record is an instant invitation to put your trust in a group that’s had successful window installations and have a clean slate in terms of negative feedback and complaints. 

This will prove especially important if this is your first time transacting with said company. 

2. Guarantees And Warranties 

Secondly, learn about how much of an extra mile the company is willing to go in the event that their installment of double-glazed windows or the windows themselves require maintenance. Or in worse situations, require repair and/or replacement. 

Take note that not all businesses have the same type of guarantees for what they sell. So you’ll have to compare each one with the rest to find out what offer is the best deal for you. As for warranties, this is provided by the manufacturer of the glass product and isn’t bound by the company’s own terms and conditions. Nonetheless, check these as well. 

3. Other Accrediations

This isn’t exactly a make-or-break. Be that as it may, count this as a plus point if the double-glazing company has other accreditations regarding their products and services. There are associations that award companies for the level of excellence they render in customer service, as well as for the level of quality of their products. It’s a good “extra” if you want to really get in touch with the cream of the crop. 

4. Expertise And Experience 

More than having a good brand and name, it will also be to your benefit that the specialist assigned to you is experienced in this field. Not to discourage new hires but if you’re searching for people who can do a crisp job without flaws (as much as possible), then call in professionals who’ve been in the double-glazing profession for much more than a while.

There’s also another way to do this. Ask the specialists questions. They should have enough know-how about double-glazed windows and this will be evident in how they’ll explain details to you.

5. Type Of Glass Product 

Here’s where you’ll get to be nitty-gritty. There are 4 main types of double-glazed windows. The Vertical Sliding, the Georgian Bar (chosen more for its aesthetic design), the Tilt and Turn for a kid-secure product because of its added safety features, and the Casement Window. 

There are also a number of glass types you can choose from. Ultimately, the goal is for you to have an idea of what you’re expecting from the double-glazing. Do you want something that’s coated? Scratch-resistant? How about glass strength? Cost? Maintenance? 

6. Your Budget 

Of course, this has to factor in, too. Only, be reminded that the cost for double-glazing is higher than that of single-glazing. Having said that, you’ll still be able to find awesome deals as long as you’re patient enough to compare rates and services around the area. And just because a company is reputable doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s okay for them to overcharge you. Not at all. 

So again, you’ll have to return to the first 4 steps above and narrow down your choices until you find the double-glazing company to beat in Glasgow. 

FAQs About Types Of Glass For Double-Glazing 

1. Annealed 

This is a less costly glass material as it doesn’t go through the rigorous manufacturing procedure that other types are bound to. It’s also because of its affordability and shorter manufacturing time that makes it the most common glass category used in many commercial and residential properties. 

But don’t let its cost and “common-use” fool you. Annealed glass, also known as floated glass, has a toughness that’s caused by the air support found in between its layers as a result of the double glazing process. 

2. Laminated 

Laminated glass has a distinct trait about it and it’s that if the glass itself shatters, its plastic interlayers will still hold well together. Call it a safeguard for the main glass material. This, apparently, is why it’s a preferred choice in both Europe and the U.S. 

Laminated glass’ anti-shock property also allows it to be another reason to add to your list of durable glass material for double-glazing. 

3. Tempered 

You may have already heard of this especially when it comes to glass protectors for gadgets such as handhelds and tablets, as well as windows for vehicles. However, in the context of construction, you’ll find that it’s the same material used for bulletproof components, glass doors, etc. It’s a one-of-a-kind product because of the controlled treatments it’s put through. 

The light transmission properties of tempered glass are almost the same as that of float glass but they differ in that their testing capacity is at a much higher scale. The previous paragraph mentioned that it’s frequently utilized for bulletproofing, and this is because explosion-proof and compression stressing methods are applied to it. 

4. Coated 

The name comes from the manner in which the glass component is “coated” with other metallic elements for the purpose of adding a layer against solar or thermal radiation. Additionally, reduced levels of thermal diffusion are an outcome of this coating. 

Annealed or float glass is customarily the base glass that this coating is applied on. Deemed as great for energy efficiency, you’ll find that these types of windows are excellent for areas of buildings that are routinely exposed to direct sunlight. Enclosed patios and verandas, French windows, etc. 

5. Self-Cleaning 

Here’s a kind of glass that will aid you with its maintenance. Self-cleaning glass is coated with either hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces. These are what allow it to be easier to clean. Water runoff, dirt and dust particles can be conveniently washed or wiped off much more conveniently than other glass surfaces. 

Its “sheet” lets water droplets trickle down, and along with them, any other form of dirt, without leaving watermarks or streaks. And it lessens the likelihood of said dirt thickening on its coating over time. It will make your job less of a hassle in terms of glass cleaning. 

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