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How to make a monogram on a shirt?

Many beginners starting out with sewing seem to be in a fix of not knowing much about monograms and how they can put them onto the fabric. If you are going through something similar then you have come to the right place. But before you can begin with various different ways out there to start out with monograms you must first try to understand what these are.

What are monograms?

A monogram is a type of a symbol that is etched onto a fabric either by hand or with the help of a sewing machine. Either way, the monogram represents ownership and class, it isn’t simply a rough symbol that is there it classifies a brand and categorizes the person wearing them. A monogram can consist of letters and symbols perfectly aligned with each other or in a haphazard manner. 
To decide how a monogram would look when it is transferred to the fabric, small print design is first made and then the whole thing is transferred onto the fabric with the help of a sewing machine or simply by your hands.

Making Monograms with a Machine

Making a monogram with a sewing machine is easier given you have the professional experience to pull it off. It starts with setting up your sewing machine in ample space. Also, make sure that the machine that you have selected has embroidery related options. Simply access the embroidery menu from the options and then start working on a design that you would like to see on the fabric. Add letters, small symbols, and various color options from the comfort of your touch LCD screen.
When you have finalized a specific design for your monogram then take the whole thing to the fabric. Initiate the replication of the design onto the fabric from your machine, sit back, and let the machine do its work. When all is done simply cut all the excessive threads and voila you have your monogram.

Making Monograms with Hands

First, you would have to cultivate a design on a piece of paper, simply let your imagination go wild and come up with a great design for a monogram. Rethink or make some changes to the design if you feel like it. When you are confident enough with what you have designed then simply start out with the process of transferring the design onto your fabric. You would need to place a carbon paper between design paper and the fabric and then trace your design over it. Once your design has been traced onto the fabric you would need to now hand embroider it.
Take all the threads that you would require by your side and start working on the outline, once the outline is fully completed you must try to lure in and fill up the inside of the design with vibrant colors at your disposal. Once the whole thing is completed you must cut the excessive thread to give your work a professional look.

Both of these ideas are simple but extremely effective but, in the end, you need to think for yourself which one seems more feasible and which one you want to try out.     

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