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How To Live a Minimalist Lifestyle On A Budget

Since the start of the Coronavirus in the US, we have been living in a vastly different country than the one we're used to. It's been hard to adjust to a new way of living and many of us have been impacted on a large scale. One of the ways we've been largely impacted is on an economic and financial scale. Many of us have faced layoffs, furloughs, pay cuts, or work hour cuts, which has taken a toll on how we live our daily lives. If you've been struggling to come up with ways to make ends meet, I've got a few ideas for you to give some thought to. Now, these ideas may not be for everyone, or you may already be implementing some of these on a daily basis, but I implore you to give thought to these. Maybe it will even inspire you to live a more mindful and even a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Create A Budget:

The first is to create a budget for your finances and a budget for emergencies. I know what you're thinking, how can I create a budget when money is already tight, but this is the perfect reason to create a budget. My husband and I recently sat down and did this and we were amazed at how much our bills are in relation to what we are actually bringing in. We were shocked to see a deficit of nearly $1,000 a month and realized that is why our savings had dwindled so quickly. We sat down and examined each bill carefully and decided what we could cut back on. We called our insurance agent to review our policies and see if we could save any money there, which we did! It was a quick call and a few signatures and we were saving nearly $700 a year!

We also decided that our two car payments, which totaled almost $900 a month, were just too high! We decided to sell my husband's car and we were able to get a car with a much smaller car payment. That coupled with insurance saved us over $150 a month. We cut the cable cord years ago but decided to low our internet package to save us $50 a month. We were starting to get excited about what else we could save money on. Sitting down to make our budget helped us to visualize where our money is going and made some of our decisions much easier. We also made a food budget and meal plan to help us stick to that budget. It's not always easy, especially with rising cost of food, but we are able to stay as close as possible to our budget and save money!

Throw Away The Junk:

That might sound harsh, but how many of us have junk just piled up in random places? For us, it's our dining room table and our spare bedroom. I look at those areas, feel my anxiety rise and slowly close the door, or re-arrange the junk and clutter to make it look presentable. I never really get rid of the things that I should and it causes a lot of stress and tension, not to mention overspending because I can't find what I need or think that we're out of something. If I would have simply thrown things away or cleaned up, I would have known the status of items in the house. Once I set my mind to clear things out, I always feel better. 

Right now, my husband and I are going through furniture and smaller items in the house that we no longer need and are donating them or selling them. My next task will be to go through all of my clothing and either sell or donate what's no longer needed or what no longer fits. This goes for shoes as well. I've collected many pairs of shoes over the years and it's interesting to see what I've never worn or no longer have a need for. Some things that we're just not ready or willing to part with will go into vacuum-sealed bags to be stored in our attic. Being able to get rid of things and clear up space in our home, also clears up space in my mind and heart and hope it does the same for you. 

Plant A Garden:

While this may cost you a few dollars upfront, planting a garden will save you so much money in the long run. Go online and read a few articles or watch a few videos on how to start a garden or homestead, which if successful could also bring in extra income for you. If you have extra veggies, you can always share with neighbors or sell them at a local farmers market. This is a great way to learn a new skill and to become more self-sufficient and on your way to living a more minimal and sustainable life! 

Make Your Financial Institution Work For You:

There are so many more ways to save money and live a more mindful, meaningful and minimal lifestyle. When giving thoughts to these tips, if you started wondering what ways your current or future financial institution is helping you to maintain all of this, then you're on the path to where you want to go. Your financial institution should be working for you, not the other way around. If you aren't sure how to stick to your budget and need help; https://findcreditunions.com/how-to-be-more-minimalist-on-a-budget/, can help you with all of your needs. 

Living on a budget can be hard, and it's not always fun, but it is worth the peace of mind in the end. Try to make the most out of each step and take it as a way to learn and grow in your relationship with a partner, children, or even yourself. You can do it, and you'll be so much happier that you did! 

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