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How To Find Ideal Builders For Granny Flats Illawarra?

We own a large property in Illawarra, Australia with a big front garden, a three room set building, a swimming pool and some extra backyard space. A space sufficient for an outhouse to accommodate old parents or tenants. Because we don’t want our grandparents to live elsewhere, so we decided to keep them with us. The existing house is occupied by us, therefore, we need some additional dwelling place to house grannies. Therefore, we concluded by utilizing the backyard for granny flat solutions. And our research ended when we found granny flats Illawarra builders to transform our ordinary backyard into a serene dwelling place. A place designed for old aged parents / tenants, which they called as granny flats. As per the information provided these flats can change your monthly income with a very little investment on your own piece of land. This is an affordable housing option with long term benefits. These types of flats are becoming very popular in the present scenario.

Significance of Granny Flats:
A granny flat is a living solution constructed on your property as a separate dwelling unit, attached to the already existing house, even converting a garage or any other part of your house. Building granny flats has become very popular worldwide, especially Australia, Illawarra. There are few reasons behind it:
  1. Ideal guest house: The builders help you create an ideal place for your guests when they come to stay with you for a short visit. Because of a large extended family they struggle to find space to experience a comfortable stay.
  2. A place designed for creativity: Granny flats are designed as a perfect place to be used as an activity area or a music studio to have fun and recreation
  3. Family knit together: These flats are additional accommodation for large families with kids, teenagers and elderly people. These flats are ideal homes with flexible design to keep your family knit together. These flats are designed with fixtures to satisfy the individual needs of disabled and elderly family members.
  4. Increases Monthly Income: By renting granny flats to tenants or shifting into a granny flat in order to put the main house on rent, will definitely add to your monthly income. Moreover, within five to seven years you’ll be able to pay off the investment in these flats. These flats not only add to the value of your house but also supplement your income through rent. The electricity and water bills are paid by the tenants reducing your burden and to add more granny flats are a good investment in comparison to the single property. Stamp duty, land tax, small mortgage and a rare maintenance charges minimize the running cost of granny flats.

Conclusion: Regardless of size, granny flats are the best option for long term benefits. Henceforth, when you plan a granny flat contact builders who offer you service that give you peace of mind, custom packages, good return on your investment, quality work with excellent designs and construction. 

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