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Headed Back to Class? Stock Up on These Cool Kids Products by STARLING #MBPBACK2SCHOOL

Thanks to Starling for providing me with products. All thoughts shared are my own.

A few years ago, when I was a mom to just one kiddo, who was a lot younger than he is now, a friend of mine told me to soak up all of the sweet cuddles before I had an older, stinky boy on my hands. I'm sure we've all seen the TV shows where teens and tweens are depicted as gross, smelly boys, living in their own den of sweaty socks and funk. I gazed at my then four year old and thought- that's such a long way off... there's no way I'll be a smelly boy mom one day!

Last year, my sweet boy turned nine, and I realized that we really were starting to venture into the tween stage of life. As a mom, I long for him to stay little, while knowing that he has to grow up, and this is just a phase of life we have to go through together. I first noticed that 'boy funk' one a particularly warm day after my son had been playing hard. He walked past me, and I got a whiff of my boy's new special brand, which I wished I hadn't.

Later on, I knew we'd have to have a 'talk' about personal hygiene, and that his dad and I would have to pay extra attention to making sure he was cleansing himself properly, while also working to combat any smelly boy odors that might arise. I mean, it's only natural- we all get a little funky-smelling from time to time, which is why finding the right natural deodorant that's perfect for kids is a smart plan for parents.

Starling Skincare offers clean, natural deodorant for kids!

When my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer over ten years ago, I started paying much closer attention to what was in the products we were putting into/onto our bodies as a family. Deodorant is one of those products that highly debated, and I made the personal switch to a natural brand several years ago. When my son started noticing that his underarms were smelling less-than-fresh after playing outside on hot days, he asked if he could use a popular men's deodorant brand. I had a lot of misgivings about that, and promised we would find a brand that was right for him.

Enter Starling Skincare, which offers allergen-free and chemical-free children's deodorants, safe for kids of all ages. We were so excited to give these a try, and didn't waste any time in introducing the Force Field scent or the Birthday Cake scent to our kiddos.

Starling Deodorant ($14.99)

The deodorants smell amazing! The birthday cake scent really does smell good enough to eat! The force field scent is super cool, and the design on the packaging is right up my son's alley! Both of my kids were stoked to each receive a deodorant that was just for them! They love that they can do something that big kids do everyday- put on deodorant! I love that these products are made without aluminum or synthetic fragrances, so they are safe to use and are non-irritating for kids. There is even a sensitive formula, which is awesome for B, who has mild Eczema. 

Don't forget the hand sanitizer!

All-Natural Hand Sanitizer | Lavender Fresh + Orange Punch (2 Pack) ($12.00)

The other important element regarding this Back to School season (other than keeping our kids smelling fresh), is making sure we keep germs at bay. We're living in a germ-conscious world, thanks to a global pandemic. We now value hand sanitizer, and honestly- it's still highly sought after. I keep hand sanitizer everywhere around our home (I have been doing so since my kids started school), and I also keep it in my car, and my handbags. 

Starling Skincare's all-natural hand sanitizer is a handy travel size, and come in two lovely scents- orange and lavender. The formula leaves skin clean, and smelling fantastic. 

Stay clean, fresh and protected with these all-natural, travel size hand sanitizers. Perfect for on the go, with two one ounce containers (2). Sanitizes and moisturizes in one easy step with all-natural, plant-based ingredients. Made of Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol (61% alcohol content), it meets the CDC’s recommendations and is effective against most common germs. Extra-moisturizing Organic Glycerin eliminates that dry, sticky feeling that most sanitizers leave on your hands. Moisturizes beautifully and provides a great alternative for those times when you cannot wash your hands.

I love having this dreamy hand sanitizer with meat all times!

Both the Starling deodorant and the hand sanitizer are must-haves for this back to school season! Even if you're learning/teaching remotely, these are still fantastic products to have at home!

Want them? Get them!

You can find these products and more at Starling Skincare online!

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Which Starling Skincare products would you most like to have on hand for the back to school season?

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