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Give Your Lawn New Life With Bark Yard

Thanks to BarkYard for providing product for me to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

When you have pets, especially dogs, it's incredibly difficult to train them to do their business in a certain area! The inevitable result can be a spotty yard with zero curb appeal.

When I became interested in BarkYard, I had a 16 year old dog that is now no longer with us. However, when she was here, she would always "go" in one particular spot in our yard. Because of her age, this spot happened to be right at the base of the porch steps as it was very difficult for her to walk any further. In fact, we would carry her to that spot, having pretty much given up on grass ever growing again!

I came across BarkYard and was pretty excited to find a product that could help our sad yard! They so graciously sent along a great selection of their products for us to try and my husband and I got to work.

This is Fiona, our 6 month old doberman. Thankfully, she has been trained to do her business in a natural area and we will not have to worry about her wreaking havoc on our yard. I just wanted to include her in the picture because she's cute. Also, she's pretty spoiled and thinks every picture should include her. She would be right!

My husband and I were so excited to try out the "Bad Spot" product on this area of yard which is completely void of any green. 

We followed the easy directions and finished up this small spot in no time. There are various other places throughout the yard that we did the same. We chose to try out "Bad Spot" on the areas of our lawn that are completely barren. We prepped the ground by loosening the hard, North Carolina soil and even added a bit of soft soil to mix in, sprinkled the mixture evenly over the prepped area and watered thoroughly for the first application. When the product begins to turn light brown, we will know it is time to water again! However, with the rain that is coming, I do not think that we will need to.

It's important to try and keep kids, animals and lawn mowers off of the newly planted seedlings for some time. They need to have the chance to grow and become stronger! 

Here is one happy customer's before and after photo! This will take some time to achieve, so while we have not seen results yet (since it's only been a matter of days), I am super excited to see new growth on our bare spots!

I plan to post pictures to the Mommy's Block Party Facebook page when we have an updated result! Stay tuned and if you're not already following us there, come on over. We would love to have you. 

The small BarkYard kit covers 1000 sq ft and costs $67.99. Kits range from small to large with an area coverage up to 8000 sq ft! You can opt to sign up for a subscription which sends out BarkYard products twice a year and will give you additional savings. Something that I think is pretty special about this company is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to pairing trained service dogs to people with disabilities through Canine Companions for Independence. Being an avid dog lover myself, I absolutely think service dogs are incredible and so necessary! What a beautiful thing.

I will also be trying out the "Good Boy" product on the remaining areas of our yard that still have some green, but need thickening. You can read more about the actual ingredients in both products in the FAQ section on their website. 

Make sure to check back with Mommy's Block Party in the coming weeks for updated pictures of my lawn! Though we no longer have to worry about our sweet, old girl "going" on these areas of the lawn, growing grass in North Carolina is extremely tough. I'm so excited to watch new growth occur and finally have the green, lush lawn we have always wanted. If you have a lawn of your dream, you should also choose a good lawn fertilizer as it's a great way to nourish your lawn and plants.

Want It? Get It!

Be sure to check out BarkYard's website to get your order placed and stay connected via their Facebook and Instagram too. 

Thanks so much to our friends at BarkYard for partnering with us! We love being able to feature companies that love dogs as much as we do. 


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