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Give Your Circulation A Boost With Almi Apparel, #MBPBACK2SCHOOL

Thanks so much to our friends at ALMI APPAREL for sending me products in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I have to confess something to you all, I'm starting to get older and realized that I and my husband are no longer considered spring chickens. We're both closer to 40 than we are to 20, and it hit my husband like a ton of bricks a few days ago. He works in aircraft and is on his feet, using heavy equipment for 40-60 hours a week. He's been in this field for a little over 14 years and he is starting to feel it in his body. Standing on concrete for that long can really take a toll on you and start to wear on your feet and legs and he started to realize that he needed all the help that he could get!

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure a few years ago, he started to have some circulation issues in his legs. Going off medication is not an option at this time so we decided to look into Compression Socks. Now. my father has also started wearing compression socks recently and he has expressed how frustrating it can be, as a businessman, to find socks to compliment his outfit and that is comfortable to wear for hours at a time. When I came across Almi Apparel, I was delighted to see that they have light compression socks that actually dress socks. By that sheer fact, I was impressed! 

Almi Apparel's All Day Performance Dress Sock comes in three different colors, Black, Grey, and Blue with 14.9mmHG Compression that helps with circulation, comfort, and grip. Each sock is a 200n Knit, with Antimicrobial Swiss Silver to help keep odor at bay. They come with a reinforced sole, which includes a padded toe and heel to aid with comfort. There are specific vented mesh areas that help your feet to breathe all day long. Almi's socks are very soft and cushy to the touch and I really wanted to wear them myself, but I didn't and after a quick wash, I handed them off to my hubby for him to try out. 

He's never worn compression socks before, and he was very worried that they would be tight and uncomfortable. He's seen the struggle of putting on compression socks and how they can be a pain to wear and was so concerned it would be something he couldn't get past. After feeling how lightweight they are and that they aren't too stiff, he was more than happy to try them out. It started with him saying he'd only wear them for a few minutes around the house, to saying he'd be okay to wear them out while we ran errands. He was pretty impressed with how they felt on his legs, not too tight, but tight enough for it to make a difference in his circulation. He decided to give it a try at work and was impressed that by the end of the day his feet and legs weren't aching like they normally do. He likes them a lot and loves that they can be worn for all seasons and he won't be too hot or cold.

Almi Apparel, All Day Performance Dress Socks are high quality, inexpensive compression socks that are worth a try. They retail for $22.00 a pair, 2 or more pairs is $20.00 a pair, and 5 or more pairs is $18.00 a pair. This is such a great price point considering most higher-end compression socks run close to $50.00 a pair, which makes them unaffordable to many that need them. Almi has a great starting point and to make that even better, they offer free domestic shipping on all orders AND a 30-day risk-free trial! What's not to love about that? I know that were are completely impressed with Almi Apparel's Compression Socks and hope that you decide to give them a try too!

Are you a teacher headed back to the classroom, or an adult learner going back to school? ALMI Apparel is a great way to keep your legs and feet feeling great!


If you're interested in getting a pair of compression socks for yourself, head on over to ALMI Apparel to check them out! While you're at it, check them out on Facebook Instagram, and Twitter  

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