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Finding Out My Rescue Pup's Breed- Part 2

So a few weeks ago, I told you all about Diesel's breed, and now it's time to find out Luna's breed results! When we rescued Luna in November of last year, we were told by the rescue organization that she had been found with her two brothers, and they were all hounds. We could immediately tell that she isn't a hound, or at least not a full-blooded hound. We thought that she might possibly be mixed with pit, but our vet was convinced she was a boxer, but I couldn't see that in her.

So, we swabbed her cheeks, something she happily obliged to, and off her DNA went to be tested. Now, even though we did both of the dogs at the same time, Luna's took about a week longer to process, but the company we used kept us informed the whole time. We first got her health results back and were pleased that overall, she only had 2 very minor health variants that we'll need to watch for in the future. We plan to bring these results with us for her next Vet visit in a few months and let them know.

Now, on to her breed results. I'd love to know what you all think her breed is just from her photos? Like I said, I was thinking that she is some sort of pit mixed with maybe jack russell terrier or even lab, but boy we surely were surprised with the results, lol!

Mixed Breed

49.9% American Pit Bull Terrier
20.5% Great Pyrenees
13.6% American Staffordshire Terrier
6.6% Mastiff
5.6% Golden Retriever

3.8% German Shepherd Dog

I can not believe these results. Our sweet baby definetly is part pit bull, but she's also part Great Pyrenees! Excuse me! There is nothing about her, except her coloring that screams Great Pyrenees. Even some of the other breeds I was shocked to see, including just a small amount of german shepherd. That means both Diesel and Luna are part german shepherd and I love that they have that in common. Pit bulls are some of the most loving dogs, and can be extremely protective of their families, but also love everyone they come in contact with. Luna definitely fits those markers, as she loves to cuddle in laps, have belly rubs, play with everyone, and won't hesitate to ask the neighbors to rub her belly or to be let in their yard to play with their dog, Bella. I love her silly personality, and even though she is still in her pure puppy stage at 14 months, and seems to have boundless energy, I wouldn't change it for the world.

Luna came into our lives at a time when I wasn't sure I was ready for another dog. The passing of our other dog, Buddy, was still very fresh and the thought of another dog taking his place hurt my heart deeply. Cory fell in love with Luna, and since she was at the adoption event 2 weeks in a row, we knew she was meant to come home with us. It took a while for me to warm up to her but after the first few times she crawled in my lap and fell asleep on my chest, my broken heart started to heal. I still miss Buddy something fierce and I still mourn the loss of him, but Luna has brought me so much joy in a time that I felt completely lost. I honestly feel like she rescued me. I love my dogs more than life, and my husband will say more than him, which isn't true, but I would do anything for them. You see, they aren't just my dog's they're my family, one of the reasons that I'm still here today. So, if I act like a crazy dog Mom, it's because I am one and I fully own up to it!


  1. She is really gorgeous. I love the color of her!

  2. Luna is such a cutie! My dogs are my family too, so I understand how you feel.

  3. She is beautiful. I love the smiling picture.


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