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Fiber Your Way into Well-Being with Organic India + #Giveaway

Thank you to Organic India for these wonderful products! All thoughts are my own. 

In these times of Covid, I have to admit- I haven't done a great job at caring for my inner health and well being. Stress-eating, lack of routine, and just general blahseness towards life have caused my system to need some love. I have to admit- I am definitely one of the 90-95% of Americans that doesn't get the proper daily fiber intake needed to keep my digestive system going well. Due to some health issues over the past year, I've tried to make beneficial changes to what and how I eat, so I welcomed the chance to try out Organic India Psyllium Fiber and teas! 

Organic India products are rooted in Ayurveda, the ancient health system of India. Teas, Supplements, and products are created to help the entire immune system connect with mind and spirit along with the body. Products are made through partnerships with organic farmers located in India. Using fair-trade principles along with regenerative farming practices, Organic India develops products that aid in the development of communities in India, rather than the destruction of industrialized practices. Along with farming partnerships, Organic India is also committed to education, community health care, and social change for women. 

Organic India Psyllium Pre & Probiotic Fiber is available in three flavors: Orange, Regular, and Cinnamon. Psyllium, a plant found in Northern India, is grown to aid in medicine and now has become accepted in Western culture as well. As the Psyllium plant is ground, a soluble fiber is created that can be used as a stand-alone in water, added to baked goods, or used as a substitute for those that need to be vegan or gluten free. When digested, Psyllium fiber helps the GI track be stabled in it's "good" bacteria, so that your gut continues to be stable. Good bacteria helps prevent illness, digestive issues, regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and helps to promote a healthy heart! 

If that isn't enough to convince you to use Organic India Psyllium Fiber, I'm not sure what else would be! As a person who has struggled with Gastroesophageal reflux disease and bouts of irritable bowel, I was curious how this product would aid in my own digestive tract's balance. We often fail to talk about our intentional and digestive well-beings, even though those are important parts of keeping a healthy balance in our lives. I have to admit to you that using the Psyllium Fiber has caused less issues with my digestive track and would definitely recommend that you add more fiber into your diet!

The Psyllium Fiber can be taken in a glass of water or added to baking and cooking. I've always had textured issues with liquids and foods together, so I was not keen on adding the fiber to water. I tried it a couple of times but decided to revert to using it various recipes. Organic India provides a downloadable recipe book full of ideas including muffins, pancakes, energy bars, and even desserts so you have a choice of plentiful recipes! I decided to use the fiber in an internet Blackberry Scone recipe I found, and was definitely pleased. I used the cinnamon fiber and loved the result! Not only was the scone's flavor delicious, I also noticed restoration to my gut within a couple of days. On a second batch of scones, I used the regular flavored fiber as flavor was not needed and still had the same results! 

Organic India also provides other products to boost your immune system. Supplements, herbs, and teas are all available to assist with energy levels, sleep issues, system detoxes and even in stress relief!  Organic India sent me four teas to try: Tulsi Sleep, Tulsi Breakfast, Tulsi Honey Chamomile and Tulsi Masala Chai. 

Tulsi Sleep is a caffeine free tea made with the herb Ashwagandha and has become a bed-time ritual! Ashwagandha is an herb that has existed for more than 6000 years, used in traditional medicine that links mind, body, and spirit together. Tulsi Sleep helps the immune system relax by calming the nerves so that a restful night's sleep comes. 

Tulsi breakfast is my next favorite. I rotate between morning coffee and tea, and often, when I need to destress or simply want to rest my stomach from harsh effects of coffee, I turn to breakfasts teas. This tea, simply made with Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) and Assam tea is wonderful! I find that starting my day with Tulsi breakfast leaves me less stressed to face the crazy that comes forth. 

There are several other teas to try, with the herbs and blends to suit whatever needs your system- both emotional and digestive- needs on any particular day! Tulsi Honey Chamomile is another favorite afternoon tea that helps promote calming and soothing spirits- especially during these summer thunderstorms the east coast has been having! 

If you are in need of emotional, physical, or digestive support or stress relief, Organic India has a product for you! I encourage you to check them out and find what you need to support your immune system this fall! 

Want it? Get it! 

Head to Organic India to browse, learn more about the herbs used in teas and supplements, or purchase products. 

Purchase Organic India on Amazon, Thrive Market, and LuckyVitamin

Use the Store Locator option to check to see what stores in your area have Organic India products! In my area of North Carolina Organic India is carried by Publix, Whole Foods, the Fresh Market, and Lovey's Natural Foods. 

Want it? Win it! 

One Lucky reader will win an Organic India box full of:

3 Packages of Pre & Pro Biotic Psyllium Fiber 
One (1)  Each of Orange, Cinnamon Spice, and Regular Flavors

3 Organic India Teas
One (1) each of Tulsi Sleep, Tulsi Sweet Rose, and Tulsi Masala Chai 

An Organic India Tumbler! 

Share with us how you love your own immune and digestive systems in a comment below or on one of our MBP Social Media sites! 


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  2. Tea is a basic staple of my daily diet. While I drink tea regularly (mostly Lipton and Twinnings), I had not previously heard of psyllium and it’s benefits. I’ve come across Ashwaganda, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet either. I also suffer from GERD and IBS, I’d love to give these teas a try to see if they’d be of help for my symptoms.

  3. I drink green and black tea the most

  4. Yes, I am.


  5. I like black tea!


  6. Yes! I like hot tea as well as iced tea. Tea is a drink that's right for any season.

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