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E&C's Heavenly Hunks Make Back To School Time Even Sweeter #MBPBack2School

Thanks to E&C's for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

One of the things I happen to love about sending my kiddos back to school is packing their school lunch.

I realize this may not be a popular opinion, but I have always thought of packing lunches as a bit of a personal challenge. How can I make my kid's lunches exciting? How can I add health AND flavor? How can I change things up in an unexpected way? How can I fill up their tummies so they can concentrate and be at their best while they are learning?

I actually do contemplate these questions and if that makes me a little crazy, so be it. I have so much respect for parents that work outside of the home and buy lunches each day or pack a lunch that is convenient for their kiddos. My hat goes off to these sweet friends of mine that are working so hard. Being able to work inside the home, I know that gives me some extra time to put into lunch packing.

My two monkeys off to a new day at school!

When my boys were entering K4, I decided to get into the habit of packing their lunches the night before. Thankfully, that developed into our routine rather seamlessly and every night after our family dinner, I pack lunches. If I wait until I'm droopy-eyed and shutting down, chances are I will forget. So, when dinner ends, my husband begins to take care of dishes and I grab the lunch boxes. It works for us. 

I enjoy finding snacks to pack that are delicious and nutritious for my little guys.You'll find the typical fare: sandwich, heat-up leftovers, goldfish, applesauce, banana, carrots etc., but there is a special snack that I am always excited to pack whenever I have the chance!

E&C's came into my life a few years ago and changed it forever. These little Heavenly Hunks are like little squares of heaven. After one bite, we were all hooked. My boys ask for these and get super excited whenever I find them at a local retailer. 

Our friends at E&C's were kind enough to send over an amazing assortment for us and much to my surprise, we actually were able to try a couple of new flavors!

Look how happy my refrigerator looks! One new to me flavor that we had the privilege to try is the Organic Almond Butter Chocolate. It is amazing! We are a family that loves almond butter and almond milk so it's no surprise this flavor was enjoyed. My personal, all-time favorite is the Cranberry White Chip. There is just something about the chewy tang of the dried cranberries and the creamy sweetness of the white chocolate chips that merry together perfectly!

Heavenly Hunks are made with simple ingredients that you can feel good about feeding your little ones. They are the perfect treat to satisfy a sweet tooth and also fill up tummies with oats. I pack two little cubes into my kiddo's lunches and that is the perfect portion for them. 

A 6 oz. bag will run around $5.99 and can be ordered on E&C's website, but you can also find these amazing goodies in select retailers nationwide. Head over and type in your zip code to the store locator to find out where you can purchase these snacks in person. In my town, I have purchased them at Marshall's. 

I'm excited try out their brand new flavor soon and I have a pretty good feeling my boys will be fans!

Don't these look incredible!? Let me know what flavors you're most excited to try!

Want It? Get It!

Head over to E&C's website and find out more info about this amazing company and be sure to grab a bag or 10! Make sure to stay connected with them on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss out on brand new flavor releases.

Thanks so much to our friends at E&C's for sharing these "ridiculously amazing" snacks with me! My boys have been pretty happy with their school lunches and I'm making sure to stash a few away for mama coffee time as well.


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