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Are You The Friend That Your Friend Can Come To?

I saw this image on Instagram as I was browsing around one day and it stopped me in my tracks.

@notesfromyourtherapist has some interesting images. You may find yourself feeling challenged by some of the images and that's not always such a bad thing.

I've always found that growth and change happen after discomfort. 

What does this note mean to you? Did you read it two to three times to fully get it?

Even as a child, I found it odd that everyone I crossed paths with seemed to respond with, "good, you?" when asked how they were doing. I knew then there was no way that everyone was feeling "good" all the time. At 16, I began to fully understand the phrase, "it's ok not to be ok" and made that part of my life mantra. 

During one of my shifts at a retail job, a boss asked how I was doing. I was actually feeling very emotionally drained because of some personal things that were going on. As I began to answer that I was just doing OK and not feeling at the top of my game that day, he interrupted me and said, "good, good!" and walked off.

He didn't wait for my reply. He assumed I would say what everyone usually says and instead of let me answer, he had written me off before I even had the chance. 

So, when I saw the above quote, it was a very timely reminder for me that true connection and trust in relationships is not always born from happiness and positive experiences. 

Sometimes, growth and bonding happens when someone allows you inside of their hurt. Vulnerability should not be considered a weakness. It takes immense bravery to show someone you care about a part of your world that brings you pain. 

My Monday encouragement for you is not to run from someone just because they may not always fill your cup with goodness. Stick around when pain, grief, hurt and loss are part of the story. You may become an important part of someone's chapter on healing. 


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  1. Sometimes you just need a good friend to talk to. I have one that is heartbroken because her husband took his life in June and I worry about her... A Lot.


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