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7 Simple hacks to become a morning person

Getting up early in the morning is a difficult feat. Everyone inspires to become a morning person, but very few can achieve it. People also fail to understand the difference between getting up early and becoming a morning person. A lot of discipline and dedication goes in transforming yourself into a morning person. Either it be your work or class schedule, getting up early always helps. You get ample time to finish your daily activities or tasks productively. Once you get into the habit of getting up early, you will start enjoying life's smaller nuances. There are a couple of ways by which you can achieve this transformation. Let's have a look at some of these pointers.

Improve your sleep schedule
To become a morning person, you must first set a time to wake up in the morning. Thus, you should absolutely not snooze the alarm. You can take a few minutes of extra sleep but being jolted awake repeatedly gets you fragmented sleep. This will make you feel groggy and lethargic. You must strictly follow your sleep schedule even on weekends. If you feel sleepy, you can take a nap in the mid-afternoon. A 15 to 30-minute power nap will refresh your energy and keep you productive throughout the day. 

Make a to do list
Preparing your day’s plan the night before will help you in organizing your morning. You will have an idea of what’s ahead of you. Once you know your tasks upfront, you will get excited to get out of bed. Moreover, you will save time that otherwise would have gone waste in figuring out the morning tasks. You can also set alarms to important tasks so that they get completed within timelines. 

Natural lighting
Allowing natural light in the morning is good for your health. You will feel more awake if early morning sunlight comes into your room. Light is a mood booster and is proven to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Early morning light opens up your brain and wakes you up with a fresh feeling.

Do simple exercises 
Some stretching and breathing exercise is good to do, once you wake up. You can do 5 to 10 deep breaths and a few stretches. Gently twist from side to side, push your hands upwards, or bend forward to reach your toes. These exercises will get your muscles moving and increase the blood flow to body parts. This will wake you up in the morning. Once you are up, you can take a stroll in the garden to enjoy the sunshine from the morning Sun.

Tailor your diet
Eating a healthy diet will give you the energy to kick start your day on a high note. Skipping breakfast would be the worst thing to do. Grains like Oatmeal and flax seeds are good sources of potassium and keep your heart healthy. Greek yogurt has high protein and calcium content. Fruits like bananas, strawberries, kiwis, etc. provide natural sugar and vitamins to your body. You can take any of these food items for breakfast.

Drink your coffee
Coffee is a great energy booster. It consists of caffeine that is rich in antioxidants. It kills free radicals and refreshes the mind. A hot cup of coffee in the morning can set a good mood for you to start your day. Brewing coffee can be a huge task which you might enjoy doing. So, you can buy coffee pods that make instant coffee. Multiple flavored coffee pods are also available and one pod is good enough to make 40 ml of espresso coffee. The pods are biodegradable and will reduce the carbon footprint of your house as well.

Hydrate yourself
After a long night’s sleep, you will most likely be dehydrated. Your energy will be low until you drink water as all your body cells and tissues are dependent on it. Drinking water on an empty stomach has certain health benefits. It reduces your calorie intake, increases weight loss, and improves mental performance. Thus, drink a big glass of water once you wake up.

To become a morning person, make the morning about you. Organize your mornings to feel accomplished and enjoy a healthy breakfast to feel energetic. With a little investment in yourself, you will become a successful morning person.

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  1. I really struggle with this. I have NEVER been a morning person.


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