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7 Best Instruments for Your Kids to Learn

Many parents sign their children up for musical classes so they can learn about performing and expressing themselves through music. That’s because teaching children to play an instrument is excellent for cognitive development.

Research shows that children have an easier time learning an instrument if they pick up the skill before the age of 9, so there’s no time to waste. The only problem: there are many instruments for them to choose.

Here are seven popular instruments for your kids to learn, so you both can decide which is best for them.

1 - The Piano

The piano is one of the best musical instruments that your child can learn. With a piano, a child learns all the elements of music, including melody, rhythm, harmony, and dynamics, right from the first lesson.

In addition to being an easy to learn instrument than others choices, it’s a stepping stone towards a life playing music.

2 - The Violin

The violin is one of the best instruments to teach your child because it will help them develop an ear for tones and improve dexterity.

Learning the violin can be challenging since it’s a complex instrument, but it works great for children because of the compact size.

Once your child understands the basics, playing the violin will get considerably easier. However, that’s if they’re training under an instructor.

Learning the violin is best under the guidance of a seasoned teacher. Based on the signup process at LVL Music Academy, it’s easy to get your child enrolled with online violin lessons.

3 - The Guitar

Aside from the piano, the guitar is another popular instrument that many kids learn. Similar to the piano, the guitar is another foundational instrument that makes it easy to learn familiar music.

Guitars teach the basics of music and help kids improve manual dexterity, a skill that can be used with other instruments and in other aspects of their life. There are top brands of acoustic guitars that are designed especially for beginner players. Make sure to choose a guitar that is light and has a small body suitable for your young ones.

4 - The Drums

Drumming is an excellent hobby for kids who need an outlet to release pent-up energy. Drums teach rhythm, an essential component of all music.

Rhythm is an essential part of drumming. Drum students don’t need to be experts in harmony, which is a plus for kids who are hesitant to dive into music theory.

Best of all, many electronic drum kits let your kids drum and listen on headphones, so you don’t have to deal with noise from the instrument.

Hand drums are another excellent option for kids because they produce a variety of sounds and can be played using bare hands, brushes, or sticks. Hand drums are fun to experiment with, and many kids enjoy them because there isn’t much of a learning curve.

5 - The Recorder

The recorder is one of the easiest woodwind instruments to learn. Many schools offer group recorder classes and basic fingering charts that parents can use to help teach their kid.

The recorder is an introductory instrument that kids usually learn as a precursor to another woodwind like the flute or clarinet. Recorders are portable and compact instruments that introduce kids to the techniques used to play woodwind instruments.

Once your child has spent some time learning to play the recorder, transitioning to the flute or clarinet will be much easier.

6 - The Saxophone

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument that many students like to play. It’s a versatile instrument that is present in many different genres, including Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Rock.

Saxophones come in many different sizes: soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone. Many children are drawn to this instrument because of its cool factor and distinct sound.

7 - The Ukulele

Ukuleles are compact instruments that are easy for kids to learn online. With only a few chords and a short amount of time, they can start to play familiar songs.

And, the ukulele is a pretty quiet instrument, meaning you won’t have to deal with excess noise in your home while your child is studying.

Bottom Line

Even if your child doesn’t become a professional musician, these seven instruments will enrich their life with skills they can carry into any field they desire.

Which will you encourage your child to try this year?

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