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6 Suggestions To Rekindle Romance After Having Kids

Having kids with the person you love is a different experience altogether. Besides the inherent joy of it, the experience comes with several responsibilities, concerns, and changes in priorities, which often have a significant impact on the relationship with your partner. If you’re facing the same situation, where you’re craving to bring back that ‘lost spark’ in your married life, you have just come to the right place. 

Here we will provide you with some amazing and simple suggestions to rekindle the romance and enhance the bond you share with your partner. Scroll on!

Keep the ‘parents’ in you aside for a while
Children are huge responsibilities and can make you forget everything else. They are also an embodied form of your dreams, walking and talking in front of you. Sometimes, they give you so much pleasure that you forget yourself, let alone your partner’s needs. 

While trying to reignite your relationship after having a baby, you should keep that parental instinct a little low for the moment and go back to the days, when it was only the two of you. Take a vacation, if possible, and go somewhere far away to enjoy some quality time with your partner. You can plan the holiday together, which will also reduce the communication gap that may have arisen because of the situation. 

Hire someone to help you with the chores
As a new parent, you may feel drained by the amount of work, including domestic chores. If you can hire someone, a house help preferably, to tend to the chores and also help you take care of the baby, you can get your hands free for a movie date, a dinner, or a late-night romance with your partner. 

Resolve physical issues if any
For many couples, who become parents at a later stage in their lives, the responsibilities may come with some physical issues as well. And these issues are not limited to women only. The men too may face huge anxiety and stress, which can cause problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, thus affecting libido production and their ability to satisfy their partners. 

Handle the situation calmly by opening up to your partner, expressing your feelings, and using delay sprays. You can learn more from this article about the effectiveness of delay sprays to help you last longer in bed. Make sure you keep your partner in the loop while making such decisions. 

Share your duties and responsibilities
In the 21st century, the duties of men and women are no longer defined. While it’s not only the responsibility of the father to earn money for his family, the mother can also take a break from attending to the baby’s needs for some time. Share the responsibilities, as you’re in this together. You have planned it together and you should take it forward now, holding each other’s hands. 

Parenthood should be enjoyed by both parents. Ask your partner to stay at home for a day, so that you can go out to spend some quality time or commute to the office to experience a change in your work-from-home maternal life. This will improve your understanding with your partner and enhance your relationship. 

Dress up and pamper yourself 
As a mother, it’s quite easy to sidestep your priorities, likes, and hobbies, as the baby takes up all the space in your life, and you kind of enjoy the attention too. However, it may hamper the relationship you share with your partner, as he may start missing the old ‘you’. 

Do one thing. Give him a surprise by dressing up, putting on some makeup, and if possible, visit the salon to get a makeover. Your partner will love it, and so will you, thus making way for romance back in your lives. 

Accept the changes and take them positively
Both you and your partner should learn to adapt to the changing scenario and take the changes positively. When a child starts growing, the parents grow with him/her too. Nothing ever matches the satisfaction of seeing something that has come out of embracing life and making the most of it. 

Don’t think of parenthood as a burden, as it’s blissful. Join hands and embark on the path of bringing your child up together. Think of new ways to shape his/her life, like saving money, making essential investments, planning your child’s future, etc. Do it together and you’ll feel that you’re bonding over it differently, and that can be quite romantic. 

If handled carefully, parenthood can lay the brick of a completely different relationship with your partner. All you need to do is, be patient, plan properly, share everything, and keep yourself happy above all. Once the initial struggles are over, you can take more time out for yourself and spend it with your partner to reignite the romance. After all, your family is complete now, and you have all the time in the world to cherish the moments you have created, or are going to. 

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