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6 Basic Decorating Tips to Spice Up Your Living Room and Avoid Mistakes

Either your living room is the family area or a formal receiving room for the guests, it is important to make it, if not the best, one of the best rooms in the house. Furniture for the living room could be quite expensive, so you have to make sure that you are purchasing the perfect one for your space. As well as the art or pictures that'll go on the walls, and of course, the lighting for it, there are great places like Situ Lighting with experts that can help you select what's best for your home to showcase your art as you want. But for now, here are some tips that you should do before and during the decoration process to avoid costly mistakes and have the best living room that you can have:

Plan the aesthetic you want in your living room

Before buying that cute pillow you saw in the store, you must plan what kind of theme you want your living room to have. Buying random pieces that you think look good without having a decision on the aesthetic is quite tricky. In the end, some of these items might not even work together and the area will just look cluttered. This will help you visualize what kind of mood or “feel” you want your space to exude. Think about the colour palette, patterns, and elements you want to incorporate, these include the colour of your walls and ceilings. Having a list of what you are looking for in furniture or decorations will help in narrowing down your choices and finding the items that fit easier.

Know the space that you’re working with

You think you’re ready to shop now but I’m telling you that you’re not if you haven’t measured your space yet. This is one of the most common mistakes of people who are too excited to decorate their living room. Sometimes, they buy a couch that is either too big or too small. What you want to do is measure up the whole space up until the last centimetre. I also suggest to visualize and estimate the size of the furniture that you want, especially the bigger furniture, before shopping.

Invest in the main furniture

The couch is the main thing in your living room and it will be the most used furniture. As the receiving area of the house, your visitors must feel comfortable in your living room. Even your family who will most likely lounge it that room must feel the same. What’s the way to achieve that but to buy the best and comfiest couch. Investing for a higher quality couch, even for other furniture, isn’t only for comfort but also the long-term run. You want your furniture to last for a long time for you to avoid repurchasing.

Add multiple light sources

Lighting is key in setting a welcoming mood in your living room. Invest in a good overhead light and layer multiple light accents. Put up some light fixtures or sconces and floor or table lamps. These also have double purposes for they can serve as added decorations. Table lamps can be used as a statement piece of your living room.

Arrange the furniture accordingly

The function of your living room is to invite conversation among the people who are in there. Face the couches and put them close to each other in a way that you imagine yourself talking comfortably with your visitor. Assign the focal point of your living room. An example is a television or a fireplace or it could be both.

Have fun with the decor

There’s a difference between having fun and getting too crazy about buying and putting decorations. If you have a neutral living room, this is where you can add a fun pop of colour that can complement the whole area. Add in some pillows on your couch and flowers and candles on the table. You can also put up paintings or frames on the wall. You can easily change up your decors to match the season or the holiday.

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