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10 Ways To Use "On Guard" Essential Oil PLUS GIVEAWAY!

What is On Guard Essential Oil?

doTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend- essential oil blend boosts immune and respiratory system function-a blend of cinnamon, clove, wild orange, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils.  It purifies the air and is a favorite for diffusing, thanks to its welcoming citrus-spice aroma and many beneficial properties. This blend helps keep you healthy so you can pursue your passions and care for your family.

10 Ways To Use On Guard

🧡Seasonal Illness Stopper:

Put On Guard in your diffuser when you are worried about the unwell people around you. This is great for all public places such as schools, hospitals, churches, parties and any social gatherings

🧡Sore throat soother:

Mix 2 drops On Guard, 1 drops lemon, 1 tsp honey and swallow to soothe a sore throat

🧡Bathroom cleaner you can eat:

(not tasty, but no chemicals). Mix 5-6 drops with ½ cup baking soda to clean your bathtub and keep it deodorized.

🧡Clean car air:

Place a few drops on your car’s filter to get rid of the “Gunk” that is in the air.

🧡Clean your toothbrush:

Add 3-5 drops to a glass of water and store overnight. Toothbrushes carry a lot of bacteria.

🧡Clean your baby or kids toys:

Place a couple of drops of On Guard into a glass spray bottle and spritz toys. Or, gather up all the plastic toys and let them soak for a while in a tub of water with a few drops of On Guard.

🧡Be protected when traveling:

Many sanitizers contain dangerous chemicals such as triclosan. Why not use one you can actually eat? Put 30 drops On Guard in a 2 oz spray bottle with fractionated coconut oil for super hand sanitizer.

🧡Germs be gone: 

Add a couple of drops to a spray bottle with water and wipe off handrails, doorknobs, countertops and desktops.

🧡Immune Booster:

To minimize your odds of not being well during cold and flu season, add a couple of drops of On Guard to your favorite juice.

🧡Stinky garbage:

Garbage cans inside kitchen cabinets can cause terrible odors. Spray down your garbage can with 5-5 drops On Guard in a spray bottle with water to clean and freshen.


AUGUST is going by so fast! Before this month goes POOF let us share this month's giveaway-dōTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Mist thanks to our friend and oil guru Gail Dupre-Wellness Life Coach.  

SIDE TIP:  I use the Sanitizing Mist when I use PUBLIC RESTROOMS- spray all over the toilet seat!


Want One? Yes, you DO! 

Wholesale members also receive: 
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  • Essential Oils guidebook


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