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10 Ways to Practice Gratitude- Everyday!

I didn't start thinking about gratitude until I was older and wiser.  My younger self didn't have that much gratitude, she was angry at the world.  When I became a mom and wife, my life took a different direction, and I looked at things very differently.  I always had compassion, but I really had to experience life to comprehend GRATITUDE. 

Do you practice gratitude?   

A lot of us don't, but I have 10 ways you can practice every day! 

  1. Write in a journal every day and express what you are grateful- it can be the same thing, or you can change it up. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/water and go sit somewhere you feel good about, like your favorite chair, outside, or even in your bed.  I have a gratitude journal that I write in every day. You can also do this at night time you just have to pick a time that is perfect for you.  I write in my journal right after my meditation because that is when my head is the clearest. 
  2. Appreciate the small things in life! There are plenty of little things you can be grateful for each day.  My husband taught me this early on in our relationship. I asked him one day...why don't you ever buy me gifts (I know selfish thinking) and he told me to think about the question, and I did.  I wasn't quite sure at first what he was asking me, but my husband did give me gifts but in different ways.  He wrote me poems on little pieces of paper, always bought me chocolate when I needed it, and took care of me when I was sick. 
  3. Get out in nature and enjoy your surroundings. Going for a walk when you are stressed is the best time, you can look at the flowers, rocks, even look at the sky- you will always find something to be grateful for! Nature is something we all need to be thankful for! 
  4. Stop comparing! Everyone does things differently, and it might not be the way you do it, but it is theirs, and that is ok. When you compare one thing to another, you demean it. Be grateful for something exactly as it is. This applies to people and things. 
  5. Say Thank You!  Let people know you acknowledge what they are doing.  Be grateful, and let them know about it. Saying THANK YOU goes a long way- even with your kids. Plus, it shows a fantastic example. My kids say thank you a lot, and that makes me smile.  The other day my son came up to me and gave me a huge hug then said thank you, mom- you make my life so special. Now I thought he was buttering me up for something, but no, he was just showing his gratitude, and that felt so good to hear.
  6. Give back to the community. Every year my daughter and I make Christmas cards for a neighborhood retirement home, this year we have been invited to bring the cards in person- we always sent them.  Doing something for someone else without expecting anything in return is the best gift you can give to someone.  Next time you are in the drive-thru for your favorite drink, buy the person behind you a drink.  
  7. Have gratitude for yourself, too.  Make a list and put up somewhere you can see it. This might be hard, but it is so worth it- you need to remind yourself just how wonderful you are! 
  8. Meditate.  Put your focus and attention on those things you're most thankful for. You might develop an even greater appreciation for them. I have been meditating for about 2 months now, and this is a life changer plus a big eye-opener.  
  9. Stop judging and complaining. Judgment and complaining are the opposite of gratitude. People that do this aren't enjoyable to be around, either. Keep your negative thoughts and opinions to yourself. Avoid judging others, and you'll find that you're happier and less stressed. This extremely important, I tell my husband and kids you get what you give off.  If you are a positive person, you will attract positive people and the same with negativity. 
  10. Be thankful at mealtimes.  Be grateful for your food and the people sharing it with you. This is so important because there are too many people in the world who go hungry or have no one in their life to love.  As a family, we try to sit down all together at least 3 times a week- it's super hard with teens but be the example and make the time. 
Be grateful for everything you have.  That doesn't mean you have to be satisfied with your current situation, but you can still be thankful for what you do have. During this time, it really is essential to be grateful for everything around you and let it be known.  As soon as I let gratitude into my life, I started experiencing more love, growth, and happiness. 

If you practice gratitude more, then your mood and perspective will be lifted. Your opportunities for success will increase. And you'll receive even more good things to be grateful for! It happens, and it's all about how you think and how you apply it to your life.  I tell my kids to have a gratitude attitude, and you will fly high! 

So today, try to do at least one of the above ways to show gratitude, and you will see a big difference in your mood.  

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