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Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Kids

Birthdays are a special occasion of a kid. It must be highlighted by presenting him/her a gift. There are thousands or more gifts around us. However, we need to choose birthday gifts for kids that are unique and also useful for them to some extent. This is how we have prepared a list of 10 birthday gifts that are suitable for kids of all ages. Take a look at our gift list. And, who knows that the gift you are looking for might be right in this list.    


Our first gift is Hoverboard. Why this gift gets the first place in our list is hoverboarding is an exercise. Though hoverboarding is not that exhaustive like a workout at the gym, however, the activity outside of your kids' comfort zone burns calories, enhances reflexes, and improves posture. Your kid will greatly enjoy cruising around the neighborhood riding on a hoverboard. In this site, you will find the best hoverboard for your kids that will definitely delight him if he receives it on his birthday.  

Magic gloves

A US manufacture OPT brings 12 pairs of kids gloves that will keep your kid’s hand warm during cold winter months. These gloves come with an assortment of colors-black, navy, grey, and brown. They come with one size fits all kids hand measurement. Wearing gloves when your kid is outside of the house is a healthy practice. It protects them from getting infected with germs. In the recent devastating COVID -19 pandemic that makes the world upside down in terms of human life and economic loss, wearing gloves is essential to prevent virus infection. 

Tablet DVD Player

This device is a DVD player that also functions as a tablet too. It is a portable entertainment that will bring a smile on your kid's faces on his birthday upon receiving it. The device is preloaded with more than twenty-three educational games, songs, music, and one twenty video clips. It keeps your kids entertained whether he is at home or on the street.

Flash Light Multi-Tool Set
This multi-tool set includes every tool for your everyday domestic work which includes cleaning fishes in your kitchen to tightening a screw. The set includes flat screwdrivers, Phillips screwdriver, wrench, serrated knife, scissors, bottle or can opener, file, hook disgorger, hexagon wrench, and scalper. The set is packed in a case. Giving the set as a gift on his birthday, it will encourage your kids to involve in DIY projects. Doing a DIY project is a good hobby. It is even better than spending time on social media. 

Your kid starts his education life a few years ago? I backpack is a useful gift for him.  The back helps him carrying breakfast and lunch conveniently. The item is washable. It can be personalized with any name containing no more than 9 characters. A backpack is a must-have item of every kid that he can use beyond his higher education.  

One important thing that may be happening is your kid is becoming obese day by day due to his sedentary lifestyle. He may spend most of his free time on the couch in front of the TV. Obesity is a serious health issue for kids. It causes obesity and types 2 diabetes. Whether your kid is obese or not a Frisbee is a useful toy for kids. Playing Frisbee with other kids is much fun. The game lets kids enjoy the fresh air outside of their 4 walls confinement.

Pocket Watch
With the advent of smartphones, the watch is becoming extinct. However, a wristwatch is an essential fashion accessory of gentlemen. Without a watch, a man’s outfit is incomplete. Every fashion conscientious person will support it. While it is true that your kid has not become an adult person yet, but there is no harm if you present him a pocket watch on his birthday. It’s a classical thing. The gift will remind him how his ancestor keeps track of time. A pocket watch will be a surprising gift for your kid. 


Yes, in this article we emphasize outdoor games most. This is why we start out list with the name of the hoverboard. A bicycle is another useful outdoor vehicle. Cycling is refreshing and easy to learn. Your kid can use it to go to his school or enjoy some pleasure ride around his neighborhood. 
Cycling offers many useful health benefits including burning calories, losing weight, and improving sleep at night. If his kid doesn’t have a bike yet, don’t wait until his birthday. Purchase one model of the bike as soon as possible. 

Mini Guitar 
Playing a guitar is much fun. However, as a beginner learning the musical instrument will be a challenge for your kid. It is because learning how to play a guitar requires much patience. So, the learning process will develop perseverance skill in your kid.  

 Weekend Bag 
Your kid may go on a camping trip during his summer vacation. Having a weekend bag will be pretty useful for him. These bags are usually made of polyester and washable. They come with removable, adjustable shoulder straps and handle. They come with plenty of pockets to carry all of his belongings and available in several attractive colors.   

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