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Tips To Surprise The Would-be-mom At Her Baby Shower

Bringing life into the world is no easy task and there is no way that a would-be-mom could be appreciated enough for it. However, you can arrange a great baby shower for her to set aside a day that is meant for her to relax and enjoy in the company of people closest to her.
Most baby showers are quite monotonous. It doesn't mean that they are not enjoyable for a would-be-mom but if you want to add a little extra surprise for her to make the day even more special, you can always put in some extra effort and use some creative ideas like these: 

1. Make The Guest List Co-ed
Traditionally, baby showers have been reserved for the mom-to-be and all of her closest female family members and friends. However, recently there has been a trend where the would-be-dad along with some other male family members and close friends comes to the baby shower for some time. You can try this as well.
It would be fun to have all the close to the mom-to-be mingling with each other, discussing the baby on the way. You can either invite the members to attend the entire function or have them come at some particular time.
2. Make A Baby Shower Invitation Card
Well, sending invitations is nothing difficult nowadays. All you need to do is send out a few texts with the details of the event, right? But something so simple should be reserved for weekly night outs, not for special events like a baby shower. You should create invitations for a baby shower on your own.
The invitation can match the theme of the baby shower, if you have any. It can have some cute pictures of babies or things related to them. Have a few sentences written on the card that describes the purpose of the event in simple and funny words.
Make sure that you include the details of the event like the date and venue. Also, remember to send out the invites at least a few weeks prior to the date of the shower.
3. Create An Advice Board
The one thing which a mom-to-be would appreciate the most is credible advice from others in the group who have had children. You can make a DIY bird out of a piece of card. Decorate the board with some ribbons and with the help of board pins, put some envelopes with a piece of paper in each one, on the board.
Ask the attendees of the shower to write some tips that they think would help the would-be-mother take care of her newborn child. It will be a fun activity and would be quite helpful for the mom as she can go through all the envelopes after the event.
4. Have DIY Decorations
Decorating the venue of the baby shower would take the event to a whole different level. On top of that, if you make use of DIY decoration pieces, the place would look even more beautiful and authentic and the mom-to-be would be pleased with the effort you put into making the event a success.
You can make balloon bouquets by tying a string to balloons and wrapping flowers around the string. You can then hang these balloons all across the place. If the gender of the baby is not a secret, you could also put up letters made out of cardboard pieces that say, ’It’s a boy/girl!’ and paint them with blue or pink colors. The possibilities are endless!
5. Have Themed Gifts
While it is common to have a theme for the baby shower, you can go out of the box and have a theme for the gifts. If you are organizing the baby shower, it means that you are quite close to the mom-to-be.
Thus, you will be well aware of the things that she requires most to take care of the baby once it's born. You can set the theme accordingly. There is practically no limit to the theme you can set for the gifts. It can be clothes, bathroom products, books, or anything else. It is a good idea to assign different themes to different people attending the shower.

Follow these tips to ensure that the would-be-mom, along with all the other guests, enjoys the day thoroughly. 

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  1. OMG! I love the cute items in the pic so much. Sooo cute for Baby Shower.


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