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The Negg: Your New Favorite Way to Peel Eggs #CHRISTMASINJULY20

Thank you to Negg for sending me this product. All thoughts are my own!

Eggs are very versatile in cooking and baking. Growing up, I didn't much like the taste of plain eggs- scrambled or boiled, but as I've grown up, my tastes have expanded a tad bit. I still don't like egg salad, but don't mind eggs in my chicken, potato, or even greens salads (yum, Texas Roadhouse and Cobb salads!).

After living in NC for several years, I have watched many a kitchen-worker make deviled eggs for church funeral meals, picnics, and gatherings. Finally finding the tastes and recipes I've liked, I recently started to make my own as the cancellation of summer functions continues. Of course, to make deviled eggs, one has to boil eggs- something I've never been great at. I finally know the length and the heat needed so that my eggs don't crack when placed in the pot, but still have trouble with the peeling part!

There is an art to peeling eggs so that the white of the egg doesn't break apart, which is the base of the deviled egg.  I've always struggled with this so I welcomed the chance to try out the Negg Hard Boiled Egg Peeler.

This lovely gadget peels the hard boiled egg with water and a bit of shaking. Fill the container with a very small amount of water (not beyond the line where the bottom seal meets the plastic), add your egg, and simply shake with some effort. The egg hits against the plastic nodules, casuing it's shell to break loose. The customer is directed to remove the egg to de-peel, but I found the egg shell peeled away on it's own, leaving very little for me to do when I removed the egg from the container.

This gadget is so simple that your deviled egg, potato salad, or egg salad makers will love it's easiness at peeling the shell away from eggs! 

Negg also offers other accessories and products in the online store, including new Negg Deviled Egg Seasonings in four flavors: Classic, Smoky Ham, Curry, and Cajun. Loving spice and flavor, Deviled eggs are fairly easy to make- as long as one doesn't overdue the mayo. Combine your Duke's Mayo with your favorite spices and egg yolks to make the filling, then scoop it back into the sliced egg yolk.

I was excited to try out the Cajun and Curry seasonings as I love spice and heat. I was pleasantly surprised that these seasonings do the trick! I've always been leery of prepacked seasonings- sometimes the flavor is off, or is doesn't have enough kick. These came in sealed packets that you tear off, keeping the flavor fresh and wonderful. If leftovers remain, use a plastic bag or your favorite piece of tupperware to keep them fresh as long as possible. As with any packaged flavoring, it does lose freshness quickly, so don't keep it too long.

I did not make an entire dozen of deviled eggs as I haven't had a function to take them too, but the seasonings would definitely be something I would use for future picnics or church functions.

The Curry seasoning resembled curry powder used in real curries, which was fantastic. The Cajun seasoning faired well as well- reminding me of seafood found around the bayou. I definitely would recommend trying the seasonings after using your Negg.  The seasonings can be used to your liking- add as much or least as you wish, based on the flavoring you and your family desires.

Deviled Eggs- Dukes Mayo, Egg Yolks, and Negg Seasoning 

While marketed for deviled eggs, I certainly think the Negg Seasonings could be used in your favorite salads- egg, chicken, potato- as you get to control the spice level by the amount added to your creation.

Making 24 deviled egg halfs, the seasonings come in a 4 pack sample or 4 packs of the same seasoning. The best thing is that you can mix and mingle your seasonings to your liking- or just stick with one favorite once you try them all!

Have someone in your life that is a deviled egg connoisseur? The Negg and Negg Seasonings are perfect stocking stuffers! Don't want to wait until Christmas? Never fear- you can gift the Negg all year round, even to yourself!

After all, it's still Christmas in July (or even early August), right?

Want it? Buy it! 

 Need that perfect gift? Purchase the Negg Hard- Boiled Egg Maker or Negg Deviled Egg Seasonings on the Negg website 

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  1. I have one and I LOVE! it. So easy to use.

  2. This is so awesome. I don't make them often because I get stuck with eating most of them. I am intrigued by the seasonings too!


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