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Sore Muscles? Roll Me Open Roller #ChristmasinJuly20

Thank you to Roll Me Open for providing me with this tool! All opinions are my own!

If I'm honest with myself, Covid-19 has not been kind to me and most likely to you as well.  Our physical, emotional, and mental health has taken a beating as we have had to set up makeshift offices, find space for our children to do school work, increase hours spent on computer and phone usage, and and a lack of physical self-care through the closure of our gyms and exercise centers.

Honesty point #2- I've always been horrible at home exercise. I love group exercise because it's something in my schedule that I have to take the time to do, go be involved in, etc. Unforunately, due to increased work travel and financial constraints, I had previously cancelled my YMCA membership as it wasn't being used well. I had been trying to get into a walking routine of some sorts when Covid hit, so it was the perfect way to increase those steps in between Zoom, email, and phone calls!

Honesty point #3 here- exercise has always hurt for me, no matter what kind! I love Zumba, kickboxing, and even yoga, but flexibility has never been my strong suit. While not coordinated at all, I can jive to the best of them in class, but the next day the irritating soreness steps in and is always difficult to get muscles rolled or stretched out. It's a never ending cycle of tightness, especially in my hips and glutes. Tightness in the glutes, hips, and lower back can cause every other area of your body to be tight, which makes stretching difficult if you can never get to the areas actually in need.

With increased soreness and tightness, mostly due to improper work spaces, posture, and way too much tech use- I found myself pondering how I could roll out more. When Roll Me Open was introduced to me, I jumped at the chance to try it! I've used foam rollers before, so I figured it couldn't be too difficult to learn!

Roll Me Open is a tool used to roll out the muscles along our spinal cord. Designer Savannah Alalia wanted an easily travelable tool that would aid her in releasing tension and tightness due to travel and stress. Thus, the Roll Me Open was born! Made of eco-friendly hard wood and coated in beeswax, this tool is the ultimate for streching out muscles along your spine. Specifically focusing on the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles, this tool will help you breathe better, move better, and perhaps even think clearer! Not only will you feel a difference in your back, shoulder, and neck areas.. even your diaphragm  will feel looser the longer you use the Roll Me Open! 

How do you use it? First, grab your yoga mat! Trust me- you will appreciate the support the mat gives as you use the roller. Then, grab the Roll Me Open. Notice the inner groove area? You will want to make sure that your spinal cord rests inside this area. The two outer ends are to support and dig into your muscles as you roll out, much like a deep tissue massage.

Third, find the lowest vertebrate on your spine. There is typically a space between your tailbone and lowest lumbar vertebrae. Placing the Roll Me Open between yourself and the mat, align your spine so that it rests in the center of the tool. The two outer edges will push into the muscles, creating pressure that will cause the muscles to eventually release. As you feel the tension from the muscles release, you will gradually roll the tool up, using your body as movement (not physically using your hands). When using a yoga mat, the tool shouldn't move- it fights against the support the mat provides and the tension of your body. As you make your way up towards your neck, the Roll Me Open will do wonders for your diaphram, shoulders, and even your neck!

I've been using this tool for about 3 weeks now and notice a signifcant change in my muscle tightness. If I do it well and am not rushed, it can take a good 40-50 mins to properly roll out, but sometimes I just give myself 20 mins or so for a fast roll. Just like a sports or deep tissue massage, this tool can cause soreness and some minor pain. While the theory of no-pain, no-gain is great, in this instance- don't push yourself. If you have an area that is really tight, let the tool do the work, engage in relaxation and breathing (yes, remember to breathe while using Roll Me Open), but stop if you feel pain in your muscles. It just might need more work and more time!

Just like daily life, massage therapy, and exerise- make sure to up your water intake too! This tool is stretching and probing your muscles, which means all the toxins and whatnot in your body are being released. I've noticed days when my water intake has been low, it seems to hurt more and takes longer for my muscles to release the tension. Also- just like any exercise routine- consistency is key! Taking a couple days off can cause your muscles to rebound, making it harder to roll out again... so don't be afraid to use it daily!

I love using the Roll Me Open and am looking forward to other longterm benefits my muscles will receive from it! I encourage you to check it out too!

Want it? Get it! 

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  1. I bet this feels so good! I have a similar roller and like it

  2. This pandemic hasn't been kind to us either.I think this would be great for stress and easing muscle pain.


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