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Simplify Your Move

Getting ready to move requires a lot of planning. Many people tend to attach a lot of dread to the process. However, the sooner you get organized and make your game plan, the smoother your move will go. Here are some things that you need to do to make your move as simple as possible. 

Check in With Your Landlord

If you’re moving out of an apartment building, you’ll need to let your landlord know about your move as soon as you’ve resolved that you want to move. Even if your lease is expiring, don’t assume your landlord knows that you plan to move out at the end of the month. Some leases stipulate that you will become a tenant-at-will at the end of a lease term, and others even impute an additional year of tenancy. Typically, you need to provide at least thirty days’ notice or one rental term.

Enlist Professional Help Affordably

Trying to move an entire household is a serious undertaking. Some heavier items can be dangerous to try to move yourself. Don’t try to coerce your friends to help you move. While some friends may agree, they might also get hurt. Leave moving heavy items to the pros. To get help from Ottawa movers, contact a well-reviewed company that can offer you a competitive rate.

Start Packing Early

Get organized about packing and give yourself plenty of time. Break the project down into blocks, starting with items that you can go without using for an extra day or two. Don’t leave packing until the night before your move. Be sure to stock up on packing supplies including materials to wrap fragile items. If a box contains something fragile, label it conspicuously.

Coordinate With Your Building’s Management Company

A building that is professionally managed or a condominium association may have regulations about moves, so it’s good to touch base about your planned moving date. There could be restrictions on the hours that moves can take place, and you may need to reserve an elevator. In addition, a condominium association may require that movers provide proof of liability insurance.
A move can be stressful but planning well in advance can make you feel more confident about taking on your move. Instead, you can focus on what’s fun about moving such as taking the opportunity to throw out or donate unneeded items and planning how you’ll set up your new living space.

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