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Online Therapy Options to Help You Stay Safe While Social Distancing

The statistics of those dealing with mental health problems is staggering but during a pandemic, cases are soaring.

It can be difficult to navigate self-care during a pandemic. For many Americans, therapy is a part of their lives that is necessary to remain healthy. Where once a weekly trip to one's therapist would seem routine, now it's quite challenging. Some doctor's offices have closed and not yet opened while others have begun to offer tele-therapy options for their patients.

Click here to read about how online therapy could save your relationships. Many people rely on therapy to help navigate life and all of it's ups and downs. Life is filled with hardship and with a pandemic happening, those hardships can become even more illuminated. 

Another element that is adding to a shift in our nation's mental health is social distancing. While we understand it's importance for our physical well-being as a whole, human connection is one of the most important elements in overall mental health. The human connection is what helps each of us to feel connected to our own spirits. We bond, relate, laugh, experience and explore with another human being and as a result, our psyche is fed. 

Since social distancing became such an important part of our society, many people are finding it difficult to maintain their mental health and well-being. I, for one, have really struggled with social distancing. We have many friends and family that live in different states. We have always enjoyed visiting Maryland and Florida to see our loved ones, but since this pandemic began, we have not been able to do so. 

In fact, I have two relatively new nieces that I have not even met yet. This breaks my heart and I know there are countless other difficult situations that people are facing with far greater impacts upon their lives. 

Being kept apart from friends and family further increases the need to explore online therapy as a viable option for mental health. If you are struggling with your own wellness, please seek out a therapy option that suits your needs, be it in-person with safety measures in place or online. 

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