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My Favorite Summer Job As A Teenager

Does everyone remember Babies R Us? 

Though this beloved baby superstore has since shut down, when I was a young teen, I began working at this establishment on the cash register. I absolutely loved interacting with expectant mothers, seeing babies and toddlers all day and the overall anticipatory vibe of the shoppers.

If you think about it, most of the shoppers at this store are either pregnant couples, grandparents-to-be, baby shower shoppers or some variation of these! It's a HAPPY place. Every now and then, pregnancy could rear it's ugly head for the ladies that would visit who were close to their due dates. They needed to sit down every few minutes and were generally pretty uncomfortable, but I always tried to give them a pleasant experience. 

Being around pregnant women and babies strengthened my desire even more to have a family of my own one day. I remember when a spot opened up at the baby shower registry desk and I applied to promote to this position. Another cashier also applied, but I was chosen for the job. 

Working at the registry desk was one of my favorite jobs as a teenager. I have always loved interacting with people from all walks of life. I love to listen to people tell me about their journey. It's amazing what you can learn when you just listen. One thing I learned as a 16 year old is that people love to talk about their pregnancy and their existing children. If you ever find you're having trouble connecting with someone, try asking them an open-ended question about their family. I would practice this as a registry consultant and I really think this job helped to shape me into the person I am today. 

Sure, it was just a minimum wage, retail job. To me, it was an opportunity to spread light and love and maybe even share my own testimony. Maybe I helped an uncomfortable pregnant mama feel a little more at ease that day with my accumulated knowledge of essential products for their new baby. 

I'll never forget the moment that stands out the most to me about this job. It had nothing to do with the job itself, but rather a coworker that I gained affection for as a sweet friend. Once, when the store was a bit slow, she had confided in me that she felt lost. She also confided in me that she had previously had 4 abortions and she was barely scratching the surface of her early 20's. I saw the pain in her eyes when she told me this and my heart broke for her. Though she knew my stance on abortion, she felt comfortable telling me about her past. 

Later in the week, she mentioned needing a ride home from her shift and I happened to be leaving the same time. I was able to offer her a ride home and she accepted. On the 15 minute drive to her home, I shared with her a little bit about my relationship with Jesus and she became a little teary-eyed. I'll never forget that interaction. Though I left that job shortly thereafter and never heard from this girl again, our brief encounter in this life has stuck with me. 

Had I come across judgmental or even shocked when this sweet girl confided in me earlier in the week, she may have never accepted a ride home from me. It is my prayer that as we move through our days, we can all open our eyes to the bigger picture. Remember that God is always at work in us and through us. There are no wasted moments. Before you give up waiting, give yourself one more day and ask God to give you a glimpse of what He's working on. 


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