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Mid-Summer Giveaway Winners! Are You on the Winners List? #ThanksMBP

We're already into summertime, and wouldn't ya know it- it's time for us to announce some winners from recent MBP giveaways! We've been working with some amazing brands this summer, and many of them have offered our readers the chance to win cool prizes. Let's see who's on the winner's list this month!

Congrats to the following readers...

Shake Out My Sillies - Edye
Trekking the National Parks- Saimah S.
Amba Towel Rack- Angela G.
Hoover- Harolde D.
I Still Believe- Amber S.
Hugaroo- Karen D.
Big Bottom Biscuit- Manda O. S.
Brackitz- Jeanna, LeAnn, Edye
CRAVE Brothers- Rochelle
SASHI Socks- Dana
Old Line Oyster- Stevie A.
Pure Earth Pets- Peggy

Winners have all been e-mailed and have 48 hours to claim their prizes, or we will draw for new winners. This is a huge list of winners, so please give us a few days to get your shipping info sent out to the sponsors. Congrats to our winners! Didn't win this time? Don't worry- we have lots of other giveaways going on right now, and more coming soon!!

Thanks to all of the wonderful companies and businesses who worked with us to sponsor these giveaways!


  1. Not sure how I missed the email for SHASHI socks... must have been buried in a bunch of junk emails.I try to watch but I guess I missed it. Congrats to all the winners!

  2. This is awesome, thanks so much for the opportunity, Ondria! Can't wait to start playing


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