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Keep Your Smile Vibrant And Your Teeth Healthy With A Burst Electric Toothbrush

Thanks to Burst Oral Care for providing me with product to review. All thoughts shared are my own.

Dental anxiety has played a major role in my own personal oral care for many years. 

I know it's silly and logically there is no real need to have such a fear of being in the dreaded dentist's chair, but for some of us, it's a real thing! I started to take my oral health incredibly seriously a few years ago when I noticed my gum line receding slightly. 

A routine trip to the dentist for a cleaning became an intense and painful experience for me. Following that visit, I developed a hefty case of anxiety surrounding any type of dental procedure. I began to look for a toothbrush that would provide gentle care for my teeth while also protecting them from developing cavities. 

The Burst Sonic Toothbrush is everything that I have always needed in oral care! 

Our friends at Burst were kind enough to send along two toothbrushes for my husband and I to use!

It's beautiful, right? Have you ever seen a more stunning toothbrush in your life?! I'm officially obsessed with my new rose gold Burst toothbrush. This toothbrush is $99.99 and worth every penny. Some features that I love about this toothbrush are the charcoal bristles which help to create a whiter smile and an automatic 2-minute timer which shuts the toothbrush off. This is a great reminder to ensure we are brushing for the recommended time. 

This toothbrush actually operates in 30-second intervals and provides a gentle vibration to encourage you to move to another area of your mouth. There are three different modes: whitening, sensitive and massage. I have never seen a toothbrush that offers so many features!

The long-lasting lithium battery can last up to 4 weeks on one charge and easily recharges using a usb! This technology is going to blow you away as you dive into a cleaner, healthier mouth. Electric toothbrushes can seem intimidating but I assure you, there is nothing complicated about the Burst Sonic toothbrush. It is user-friendly and I feel sure that my 9 year old would have no trouble using it. That doesn't mean I am going to hand over my amazing toothbrush. I've been waiting my entire life for a toothbrush like this!

This is the original Burst Sonic Toothbrush which you can snag for $69.99 and take advantage of free shipping as well. This bad boy is clinically proven to remove 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush. You'll have to just try it out for yourself to feel the difference. With the purchase of your Burst toothbrush, you will receive a new brush head every 90 days for a small fee. You can even include some snazzy add-ons like eucalyptus dental floss and coconut whitening strips!

The handy traveling case makes it incredibly easy to take your Burst toothbrush with you wherever your journey may lead. With the battery life being so long-lasting, you really will not have to worry about forgetting the charger on your vacation. One less thing to remember is a win in my book. The above rose gold package includes a carrying case with the price. However, you can pick up a case for your original toothbrush as well. 

Overall, I've been blown away by how clean my teeth feel. From the very first use I noticed my teeth smoother and my mouth feeling more fresh. The toothbrush is doing all of the work for me and making my life so much easier. It is my hope that using the Burst Sonic Toothbrush from now on will help to ease my dental anxiety when I do visit the dentist. 

With school about to resume for many families, it's the perfect time to get our oral care in tip top shape! Make Burst part of your morning school routine and see if your trips to the dentist result in perfect report cards!

Want It? Get It! 

You can snag your own Burst Sonic Toothbrush by visiting the website and ordering directly. Make sure you also check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can stay up to speed on everything they have going on! 

Thanks again to our friends at Burst for helping to ease my dental anxiety and give us all a brighter, cleaner smile!



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