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Is Phone Counseling Right For You and Your Partner?

In the cult classic 90's movie, Twister, we see a scene unfold where one character is counseling her patients over the phone while in a truck chasing a tornado. At the time I'm sure most of us snickered and rolled our eyes at the thought of a sex therapist giving a counseling session over the phone, especially while chasing a tornado, but in today's society it seems like it is becoming more of the norm, not the tornado chasing part though, but phone therapy. But, is it right for you and your partner?

Phone Therapy has become increasingly popular over the years, and many therapists and counselors are adding this as an option for their patients. You're able to call in when you need a session and speak to them from the comfort of your home, or really just about anywhere. Some therapists see this as a first step for many couples who might not feel comfortable speaking to someone in person but are able to voice their concerns over the phone. It's also a great resource for those of us that need to speak with our therapists during the Covid Pandemic but are not able to do so in person because of lock-downs.

It's also another great option for anyone who travels for their job and can't readily be available for in-person counseling. Or, say you head off on vacation with the family, but things are not going as planned and you need help navigating a tough situation, a phone call can help save your trip from possibly turning into a disaster. A lot of times using these types of services can save you tons of money as you're not being billed hourly, but weekly, allowing for you to be able to have smaller sessions or more frequent sessions if needed.

If you are interested in phone therapy and if it will work for you, BetterHelp can help you and your partner decide if it's the best or right option for you both. There you'll find valuable resources to read through to help make that decision easier.

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