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Lenoir- Rhyne Univeristy Football Field

Where are the places that you love to be? You know, those places that instantly feel like home- with all the emotions, memories, laughter, tears, and all things in between rushing through you like you are standing on top of a windy cliff? 

I have several of those places, but the my most favorite is the Lenoir Rhyne University Campus, located in Hickory NC. Yes, this even includes the football field (pictured above). A place that was my home away from home for 5 (yes, 5.. don't judge me) academic years, a place filled with people that pushed me to be my best (thanks to my then academic advisor now Dean Katie Fisher, Dr. Joe Glass, and Pastor Andrew Weisner, to name a few), and a place where great friendships have been formed, and a place where I blessed to spend a year serving in a Campus  Ministry role meeting new and wonderful people. 

Normally, due to my service on the Lenoir-Rhyne Alumni Association Board of Directors, I look forward to walking across this campus several times a year, but alas, the world looks slightly different right now. After being closed since the Spring, one of my favorite places is just starting to reopen to the public.  Faculty, and staff are prepping the dorms, buildings, and common spaces for the return of students, but I won't be able to return for a while. Trying to minimalize travel, trying to keep each other safe, the alumni board has shifted to online meetings. Y'all- I have to admit, its not the same. But, it's where we are with life right now. 

While I don't want to be depressing, the realness of our lives does shine through in the closings and cancellations and worry about the upcoming school year. The cancellations, the plans, the event changes continue to develop as we figure out how to safely do life together. Right now, LR is still planning an in-person homecoming and I truly hope that we are able to make it happen, but if not, I look forward to the day when I can revisit my favorite place and have all of those memories come rushing back through me. In the meantime, I look at my favorite pictures, reach out to those near and dear to me, and try to figure out how to do this thing called life as we await upcoming instruction for the new academic year. 

Where are your favorite places? Why? Are you looking forward to safely returning to those places soon?

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