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DIY- Diffuser and Oil Stand

I don’t know about you, but I have my doTERRA oils right by my bed, and it was too cluttered for me.  I keep all my oils right next to the diffuser because I never know what oil I want to use, plus I’m consistently grabbing an oil for something else. But the clutter... it makes me CRAZY.  My bedroom area is the only place in the whole house I can control, so having some organization is very important to me. So I created this DIY Diffuser and Oil Stand.


So I thought about it and BAM an item I made for the dining room table which was just sitting on the table looking pretty would be PERFECT! And it worked, and I love how it holds all my oils too. 

I bet you want one!  Now, remember this could be used for a lot of things. I made one for my bathroom, too- it holds makeup and hair stuff.  I’m going to make a couple more for the kitchen, but instead of plates, I’m going to get round cake pans so I can put fruit and snacks in one and the other one for my Coffee Bar. 

You can find plates and candlesticks at the dollar store, thrift store, or, better yet, your cupboard.  We all have a few plates or candlesticks just hanging around.  Or it’s just me. I might have a problem them- I love these stands so much every time I see a plate or candlestick I grab it!

Now hold on- people even use WINE GLASSES instead of candlesticks.  I haven’t got that far yet, but PINTEREST has a lot of ideas for these DIY CAKE PLATES.

Here is what you need:

  • One glass candlestick
  • Glue Gun or Industrial Strength Glue (strong glue)
  • Two small plates- these were salad size

Here is what you do:

  • Put glue along one end of the candlestick- it is your preference what side of candlestick goes where.  GET STRONG GLUE!!!

  • My plates were the same size, but if you use two different sizes, start with the largest plate and place the candlestick in the center of the plate and press firmly to ensure a good bond.

  • Let the glue cure for at least 24-hours. It helps to put something on top of the candlestick to give it some weight.  This step is crucial!!!  Take it from me, who has no patience whatsoever and kept having to glue it- not recommended at all! 

  • The next day it’s time to put the 2nd plate on top- put glue onto the opposite end of the candlestick and secure onto the bottom center of the matching plate. 

  • Press frim and let the glue cure another 24-hours.

  • SIMPLE DIY, but it does take a while for the finished product! 

WOOHOO!  Now I have a place for my doTERRA oils, and it’s all nice and NEAT!  

A little bit about doTERRA Oils!

You might not realize it, but essential oils can be used to improve nearly any activity of the day.

Here’s how your day might go if you used essential oils.

  1. Feeling groovy when you wake up- INHALE Grapefruit
  2. Use Tea Tree in the shower - put on the scalp for fuller hair growth
  3. Swallow a drop of Frankincense oil for cellular health
  4. Wipe down the sticky kitchen counter with Lemon oil and a rag.
  5. In the afternoon add a drop of Peppermint to your water to wake yourself up.
  6. As you get ready for bed at night, you place a few drops of Lavender on your pillow to create a relaxing experience.

You can get a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership Fee and your get essential oils cheaper than retail. I did this - well I actually bought a kit that covered the membership fee and I got products so that was a win-win for me. I have felt so good since implementing oils in my lifestyle- I'm more alert, happy and my house smells so good!

I think the next DIY craft I will do is a DIY COFFEE BAR- sound fun?

I would love to know what your favorite essential is and why- please leave a comment! 

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