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Creative Writing: What is Your Bad Angel Like?

Angel, The Witch, Hell, Archangel

I've been taking a class and doing more creative writing. This has been an awesome outlet for me to do some self-exploration and express myself. I know for many who like to write we lack the area to share what we have written. That usually stifles my process so I wanted to open today's blog as a bit of a forum to share some writing. What is your bad angel like?

She Is

My bad angel is a judge. 
She criticizes harshly, unapologetically, anyone and everyone. 

My bad angel is a magnifying glass. 
She only enlarges my faults, blurrings happy memories and my proudest accomplishments.

My bad angel is a video stuck on repeat.
She replays all the stupid questions I asked, inconsequential mistakes, and embarrassing moments.  

My bad angel is silence. 
She encourages me to avoid difficult conversations, reminding me I don’t understand or have anything of value to contribute. 

My bad angel is a rollercoaster. 
Her painful cars zoom through anger, sadness, and jealousy, never stopping and never slowing down. 

My bad angel is an overdose. 

She sends anxiety, fear, and self-doubt coursing through my body. 

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