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Choosing the best dry food for your kitten

When your cat is still a kitten it is probably tiny. It won’t stay that way for very long.
You can guarantee that our kitties are going to grow – and don’t be surprised how quickly this is going to happen!
Within as little as six months, your tiny little kitten will have reached three-quarters of its adult body mass. This is why it is so important to feed your new little friend a kitten food that is not only tasty but is also packed with nutritionally-rich ingredients.

To help you and your little cat during this crucial period see the best dry kitten food at ipetcompanion. The site has some helpful tips to assist you when it comes to choosing the very best kitten food.
You do have options when it comes to healthily feeding your kitten. It sometimes seems that there’s a huge and overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to cat food, even for our tiny kittens. The good news is that whatever you choose for your pet’s lifestyle and condition, there’s bound to be some sort of kitten food that’s going to suit both your cat and you.
When it comes to what is the best food for a kitten, it is going to be a brand that has been specially formulated specifically for the cat’s age.
In terms of a kitten, you will find food that has been formulated especially so that it offers protein at very high levels. This is essential for a kitten to properly grow. The best kitten food will also contain higher levels of magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, and iron. These minerals help to build a cat’s strong bones and teeth.
Food for kittens also has an increased amount of vitamin E and vitamin C. These help support a kitten’s immune system.
Ultimately, unless you need to take into account any specific medical conditions, determining what sort of food to give your kitten – you can choose 100% dry, or 100% wet or any combination of both wet and dry - is completely up to you.
Your new furry friend, of course, will tell you very quickly and in no uncertain terms if your choice appeals to them too!
The Benefits of Dry Kitten Food
When it comes to dry kitten food one of the biggest benefits is that dry complete kitten diets are much easier to measure and use than their wet alternatives. They also benefit from having longer shelf-lives. So you can open the packet and keep it fresh for longer than any wet foods.
Dry food will also help you keep your kitten’s mouth, teeth, and gums healthy. What you should expect to see if that your kitten will chew its dry food much more actively. This can greatly help in the removal of unhealthy plaque, especially from the teeth of kittens as they get older.

Smaller kibble in the majority of dry kitten foods is much easier for your kittens to chew and swallow.

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