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Can I Afford Counseling To Care For My Mental Health?

Until somewhat recently, the stigma surrounding mental health, therapy and counseling was often times offputting for those who truly could benefit from such servies.

Not only was mental healthcare regarded as "optional", it was also incredibly expensive and carried with it some unappealing stigmas that deterred many people from seeking the appropriate care they needed. Presently, many healthcare agencies are including mental health as part of health insurance plans for reasonable rates. This is so important because our emotional well-being is just as, some may argue even more important than our physical well-being. 

 When I was in college getting a psychology degree, I never imagined that people would have such difficulty caring for their mental well being in the modern era in which we live. People sometimes have to spend hundreds of dollars for therapy sessions that are important in order to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their everyday lives. 

One of the biggest hurdles that people can face, aside from the stigma, is the cost. What you may not know is that your insurance plan may just cover at least a partial portion of your mental health. It's surprising how little this aspect of health insurance is discussed. Here is a fantastic resource from BetterHelp that explains in detail how low cost counseling can be of great help to your health.

If you follow the lead from the above article and do some research only to discover your health insurance plan may not offer adequate coverage for mental health services, do not worry. There are amazing online resources available to you at a pretty affordable out-of-pocket rate that make online counseling a reasonable option for many people. This option is also a great alternative for those who do have health coverage but perhaps have a high deductible. If you or someone you love is looking for therapy or any form of mental healthcare, please check out the website above and find out if your healthcare plan has options for you. If not, BetterHelp is an amazing resource for online counseling and can get you on the right track to your best self, immediately.

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