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9 Best Time Saving Cleaning Hacks of all Time

Love a clean house? But hate chores? Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring or time-consuming when you have a few tricks up your sleeve. Many people turn to house cleaner services to keep their castles in tip top condition. But here are a few cleaning hacks that will help you maintain your casa while the housekeepers are away. And they’ll save you lots of time too – giving you more hours to put your feet up! 

1. Steam clean your microwave
This microwave cleaning hack uses a lemon (halved and squeezed into a bowl) with water (filled halfway) – that means no harsh chemicals are necessary. After 3-5 minutes of heating on the highest setting, the bowl of lemon water will release steam all around the microwave. Let it cool for another 3 minutes then you’re ready to go in with a damp cloth. Even the toughest stains will wipe away easily. 
2. Disinfect your toilet with vinegar
A bit of vinegar and baking soda works wonders for a stained and smelly toilet. If you’re guilty of leaving your bathroom cleaning duties too long and discoloration has started to take hold, simply sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of household vinegar into the bowl. Leave to work its magic for 30 minutes then flush. 
3. Wipe skirting boards with dryer sheets
Nobody likes getting down on the ground to clean dirty skirting boards but they are prone to dust. One simple wipe with dryer sheets not only eliminates dust, but it also rids static. This keeps them looking better for longer, saving you plenty of time. 
4. Make your sink sparkle with lemon 
Lemons have citric acid which is the enemy of dirt and grim. Coupled with the scouring effect of salt, you have a dream team for making your sink look brand new again. Simply slice a lemon in half, sprinkle salt on the sides and bottom of the basin and use the lemon halves to scrub away. This is one of the best cleaning hacks for your faucets, both in the kitchen and bathroom.  
sliced lemon on yellow surface
5. Say goodbye to watermarks with your hairdryer
Amazingly, your hairdryer does more than make your hair look great. It can also be used to get rid of unsightly watermarks. If you’ve been slack with coasters on your wooden furniture and stains have formed, blast them with the hairdryer and finish off with a polish of olive oil. 
6. Clean your cheese grater with a potato 
Is there anything more frustrating than cleaning a cheese grater? To de-gunk your grater effectively, just grate a potato right after and watch as the acid and hardness of the potato pushes the cheese right out. Simple. 
7. Scrunch up tin foil for scrubbing a glass oven dish
Glass baking dishes call for serious elbow grease. If you’re in a rush and need assistance with tough stains from your lasagna, roll up some aluminium foil and use it as a scrubbing device. Paired with soap, a ball of foil works a treat against baked-in food or those burnt bits around the edges. 
8. Make an overnight mold remover 
Don’t waste time scrubbing black mold in your shower. Once mold penetrates grouting, it’s impossible to scrub. An overnight bathroom cleaning hack is to use cotton balls soaked in bleach (always wear gloves) and lay them on the mold stains to work overnight. In the morning, simply rinse.  Another alternative is to use Clorox Scrubtastic to help keep things clean.
blue and white clorox plastic bottle
9. Get rid of hair on your carpet with a squeegee
Human and pet hair is a nightmare to vacuum. To get it under control and make vacuuming a doddle, use a squeegee across your carpet. The rubber will drag out embedded hairs and fur, saving you time in the long-run.
These tips are provided TidyChoice and we hope that you find them useful. We would love to hear your suggestions and comments. If you prefer to save even more time, why not visit the TidyChoice site to book a London cleaner near you. 

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