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5 Pro-tips to make an impressive stay-at-home mom resume

Being a homemaker is one of the toughest jobs out there. You need to manage the tough tasks of managing home and kids consistently. There are no off-days and no-breaks. 

All this while being in-between different jobs, remote, part-time or full-time. 

As a stay-at-home mom, you may feel that you do not have much to boast about on your resume. Nothing can be farther than the truth.

All you need to do is incorporate these pro-tips and you will have an impressive stay-at-home mom resume to attract the recruiters.

Craft your professional experience section

This is an important section in any resume. Listing your work profiles along with the key accomplishments helps you give an overview of your experience to the recruiter. 

Considering the fact that you will be working remotely, recruiters/clients need to check your ability to work independently. 

Hence, this section should showcase your essential skills and point out your key achievements while you worked remotely. 

Here is how you can do that: 
Roles & Responsibilities: Try to reconstruct your roles and responsibilities to achievements oriented statements. Each statement in this section should showcase your contributions. For example, you can avoid beginning points by writing “responsible for”, “working on”, etc. Try to incorporate power verbs in your approach to begin points so that it focuses on the action you performed. 

Bolding & Bucketing: While writing one-liner points, you need to highlight important words and figures that you think are important. The idea is to direct the recruiter to these achievements. Further, club 3-4 statements under relevant sub-headings. For example, content creation & editing, newsletter designing & proofreading, etc. 

Use the job description

While writing a resume, we spend an awful amount of time perfecting each section. Though it is very important to make it impressive, however, we forget to rope in the job description. 

The job description can change the outlook of your resume.

When you are writing your resume, go through the description of the job for which you are applying. Meticulously read the description and select some important keywords that you can incorporate in your resume. 

 This method helps you look for specific skills that the recruiter is looking for in a potential candidate. And, if he/she finds it in your resume, it dramatically improves your chances of getting shortlisted.

For example, let’s say the job post talks about you having to telecommunicate via video conferencing applications. 

Here is how you can reflect that on your resume: 
Liaised with the product team of 4 members via video conferencing to brainstorm ideas for the content generation team

Writing your skills

While writing your resume, showcasing your skills effectively becomes highly critical. As the recruiter spends mere seconds on a resume, you need to have written skills that decide the relevance towards the target profile.

This section should comprise your core skills along with the tools you use daily. However, the skills section should be a mix of your profile specific skills and skills that are needed to work remotely. 

Hence, you need to create a skills section in your resume to showcase your core skills and a few skills that are required for working remotely. 

Check the example below: 

Team Engagement 
Google AdWords 

See how the example above was a mix between the core skills and skills for working remotely. This is exactly what you need to showcase in your resume to give the recruiter an idea of your abilities.

Writing a professional summary

A summary is a small paragraph that addresses the key aspects of your profile. Think of it as an elevator pitch where you surmise everything in mere 3-4 sentences. 

Hence, here is what a professional summary of your resume should include:

Requirements listed in the job description with action-oriented statements. 
A demonstration of the skills you outlined in your resume. 
Your experience and a profile title. 

For example, 
3+ years experienced Content Editor with specialization in SEO writing and academic writing. Proficient in liaising with the product team to create content showcasing the company’s offerings. Skilled at improving brand presence by devising community engagement plans on social media platforms.  

Certifications & projects

Owing to their homely responsibilities and tasks,  most stay-at-home moms need to deal with career gaps. However, it is not ideal when you are trying to showcase a constructive career pattern in your resume. You need something to fill these gaps.

Hence, certifications and personal projects help you bridge the gaps in your career. 

Let’s say you are working as a content editor for a marketing agency, and some recent developments in your personal life led you to quit your job. 

This is where certifications and projects fit perfectly in the picture. Though you did not have a job but you filled the gap by earning a certification that is relevant to your profile, or you got involved in a few freelance projects. 

The idea is to showcase a pattern constantly improving your professional career by up-skilling. 


The above tips can help you master an impressive stay at home mom resume. Focus majorly on making your resume achievements based. Further, you can try using online platforms like LinkedIn to gain expertise in specific skills asked in the job description. 

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