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ZVOX Headphones: Perfect for Father's Day

Summer: the season of outdoor work that seems endless. Our household is already a fan of bluetooth headphones. My husband uses them while he mows and does other outside work as do I. For Zoom meetings, I have also used headphones to block out other noise so I can concentrate on my lessons. They are so convenient. I was thrilled to try the ZVOX AV50 headphones.  
ZVOX is a pioneer in speaker and hearing aid technology. They introduced the first commercially successful sound bar in 2004, the first soundbase TV audio system in 2008, and the first speaker dedicated to dialogue clarity in 2016. For over 16 years, ZVOX has been committed to enhanced hearing solutions for over 16 years.

In our current situation with a pandemic going on, more and more people are using Zoom or doing online meetings for work since they're based at home.  The ZVOX AV50 headphones were originally designed for 55+ with a special feature called Accuvoice that brings out the dialogue in programming. During the quarantine, ZVOX heard from their customers of all ages that the headphones were making a difference during Zoom calls. This is so exciting to have a product that is reasonable in price and works so well. 

Other perks of the ZVOX AV50 headphones: 

  • the only noise-cancelling headphones designed to boost and clarify voices
  • use a built-in microphone and advanced Bluetooth® technology 
  • weighs less than half a pound 
  • use memory foam ear pads for unmatched comfort
  • compact carrying case
As I mentioned, we are already fans of wireless headphones in our house. My husband has also used them for his work meetings and was very impressed by the clarity of the sound as well as how effective the microphone was. 

My husband using his new headphones in our (messy) shared office. 

Because the ZVOX AV50 headphones were designed for people over the age of 55, I also had my in-laws try them as they do video calls with their family frequently and my father in-law still works. They were able to hear clearly and the microphone picked up their voices very well. 

ZVOX AV50 headphones are perfect for any father or man in your life that you want to treat. 

Want them? Buy them!

ZVOX AV50 headhphones are $69.99 with free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Choose between black, blue, red, or rose gold. 

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Who are you going to gift the ZVOX AV50 headphones? 


  1. Father's Day is coming! ZVOX AV50 headphones is great ideas. My husband would like it.


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