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What to Do When Preparing to Move House

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience, but with all of the back and forth with lawyers, real estate agents, and packing up your current residence, it’s easy to become stressed out and exhausted. If you’re planning to make a move or are currently in the process, here are some factors to consider to help make your moving experience easier. 

Get a Storage Unit

If you’re moving to a home that is smaller or are planning to start making renovations as soon as you move in, consider renting a storage unit to give you more space. They are perfect for both temporary storage solutions and long-term use. Make sure you look around for the best rates and quality of service before you sign anything, though. You can read about what to look for in a self-storage locker, such as security measures, cleanliness, and price. 

Pack Early

Of course, you won’t be able to back everything you own into boxes straight away, but non-essential items can be packed early. Pack away most of your clothes, leaving enough outfits to see you through a week. This not only saves you time packing closer to the moving date but will make your laundry loads much easier. Decorative items, books, even certain kitchenware can be packed up early. In the last couple of weeks before you move, you might find that things get more frantic, so having the majority of your packing done will be a huge help. 

Get a Babysitter

Packing up your home is a big enough task, but if you’re a parent, having the kids getting under your feet won’t help. Ask a friend, family member, or hire a babysitter to take them off of your hands for a few hours so you can focus on packing and other moving-related tasks. If you're moving sooner rather than later and find yourself in a pinch for childcare, call on SOSGarde's trustworthy babysitting candidates to help. You might find that you would simply like to have an evening to yourself to unwind after a long day of moving boxes and cleaning. 

Find a Reliable Removal Company 

You could hire a van for the day of your move and take care of this yourself, but the truth is that getting professionals to do the move for you is much better. This is especially true if you have large pieces of furniture or heavy boxes, as movers will be trained to carry these things properly, whereas you may injure yourself. They will also have larger vans to use, which could mean fewer trips back and forth to move all of your stuff. Don't forget to look for a car shipping quote if you have multiple family vehicles.

Get a Cleaning Service

Out of respect for the new residents, you should always leave a property clean and tidy when you leave. Giving your old home a deep clean is something you can do yourself, but to save time and energy, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to do this for you. It is an extra expense, but with all the other jobs you will need to focus on when moving, you might be relieved to know that this is one less thing you have to do. 
Make sure moving to your new home is as easy and calm as possible by using these tips. 

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