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What is a Temporary Shed? How do You Build One?

If you have been thinking about building a temporary shed on your property, you may be curious about your options. Having a place for outdoor storage is important to a lot of homeowners and for good reason. It gives you a place to store your gardening equipment, tools, and supplies. Sheds can house your lawnmower, serve as a place for the kids to play, or even be a place to relax. 

There are all different types of sheds you can build, but a temporary 4’ x 6’ may give precisely what you need. Let’s talk about what temporary sheds are, whether or not one would meet your needs, and how you should go about building it. 

What are Temporary Sheds? 

A temporary shed is something that you probably do not intend to use all the time. You might need a place to store equipment, but only for a short period of time. They are considered to be quick, easy solutions to storage problems. They tend to be very easy to assemble and take apart. Sometimes they are also called portable sheds because they can be moved from place to place without much effort. 

There are all sorts of temporary sheds. Fabric sheds are quite popular, and farmers may use them to store hay on their farms. They can also be made of metal or another light material. One of the perks of having a temporary shed is that there is no need to build any type of foundation. 

Why Might Someone Choose a Temporary Shed Over a Permanent Shed?

There are all kinds of reasons why someone might choose to build a temporary shed rather than a permanent one on their property. In many cases, it’s because they don’t plan to use it for very long. But other factors can influence their decision as well. For example: 

They may not have permission from their local housing authorities to build another building on their property. 

They may not have room in their yard for a more permanent solution. 

They may not have money in their budget for a permanent shed. 

They may not have access to a contractor or carpenter who can build one for them. 

How do You Build a Temporary Shed? 

Building a temporary shed will only take a fraction of the time it might take to build one that is intended to be permanent. Many companies sell fabric sheds, as we mentioned earlier, and these can work well for someone who is looking for a short-term storage solution. They tend to be easy to set up and instructions should be included in the packaging. 

There are alternatives to fabric, of course. It is possible to build a metal shed, but you should probably get advice and assistance from someone who knows how to work with metal. It is also possible to build a wooden shed, but most of the time, these tend to be more of a permanent option. 

What are the Alternatives to Building a Temporary Shed?

If you have your heart set on building a temporary shed, you may want to opt for not building it at all. While fabric can be a good solution, it might not offer as much protection as you would like from theft and from the elements. This is why people tend to gravitate toward one of the following options: 

Buying a pre-built shed. A lot of companies – including hardware stores – specialize in prefabricated sheds. You will probably need a truck to bring it home, or you can have it delivered to you. These can work well, but they do have some issues. For example, you may not get exactly what you’re looking for. Also, the shed won’t have a foundation, which means it might not be as stable as you hoped. 

Hiring a contractor to build a shed. Contractors can do a wonderful job with sheds, and they may be able to work with your exact specifications. The downside, however, is that they can be quite expensive. It also might take longer for them to build your shed than you want. 

Building a permanent shed yourself. Did you know that virtually anyone can build a shed without having any type of background in contracting or carpentry? It is easy to find shed plans online to guide you into making this a reality. 

Building a Temporary Shed Vs. Building a Permanent Shed

Chances are pretty good that if you need a temporary shed, you’ll need access to outdoor storage more in the future. It might be wiser to invest in a shed that offers you a permanent solution rather than one that will be portable and need to be set up over and over again. 

A permanent shed may be a wiser investment of your money as well. You may find that if you choose a temporary one, it needs to be replaced at least once, if not more. If you build a permanent shed, you won’t have to worry about those expenses ever again. You’ll also have exactly what you need for storage. 

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